Shopping In
Grand Cayman For
Jewelry Plus

Approaching Grand Cayman by Tender

You will enjoy shopping in Grand Cayman, in addition to enjoying the beach and several other shore excursions when you visit the island on your inclusive Caribbean cruise or otherwise.

The fact is that there is a wide variety of fine jewelry and diamonds, gift items and lots of duty-free goods to buy in the Cayman Islands.

Are you already excited about visiting those appealing Grand Cayman shops?

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Inside Grand Cayman Cruise Terminal

Fine Jewelry Expectation
When Shopping In
Grand Cayman

Expect to find the following designer watch and jewelry brands when shopping in Grand Cayman

Movado - Crown of Light - Ammolite by Korite - Raymond Well - Sophie Fiori Blue Diamonds - Rolex - Hearts of Fire - Safi Kilima - Phillip Stein and many more. 

It is always good to know what to expect and where to look when shopping in Grand Cayman.

Well, there is great news! Your cruise ship staff will give up a preview. 

Onboard Preparation
For Shopping In
Grand Cayman

Generally, on the day before your cruise ship arrives in Georgetown, Grand Cayman, the ship's Shopping Specialist will host a shopping seminar.

The specialist will give you an overview of the shops of Grand Cayman; give you tips on where to find the best bargains; and in some cases give you coupons (Carnival gives you a VIP Card for discounts) to redeem items when shopping in Georgetown. 

Shopping Guide for Grand Cayman 

Where to shop? That's a great question for the cruise passenger who has never visited Grand Cayman.

Generally, your cruise ship's Shopping Specialist will give you a list of stores in Grand Cayman that are highly recommended and even guaranteed by the Caribbean cruise line.

(Carnival Cruise Lines works with a list of stores in Grand Cayman to offer its passengers a 30-day Buyer's Guarantee. This allows you to return the item for certain reasons.) 

Top Stores To Visit
When Shopping In
Grand Cayman

1. Diamond International (DI) 

This family-owned jewelry chain is highly recommended for loose and set diamonds as well as fine watches and designer jewelry.

Some brands offered by Diamond International:

Designer Diamonds - Crown of Light and Canary Star.

Time-Pieces - Bulova, Fruitz and Movado.

Fine Designers - Rebecca and Shivaloka.

2. Tanzanite International (TI) 

When shopping in Georgetown, Grand Cayman, remember the following facts about TI:

* They have the largest tanzanite selection in the Caribbean. 

* Each piece is sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

* They are home to the hottest designer tanzanite - Safi Kilima. 

* They buy directly from the source and pass along the savings to the customers. 

* Expect to find loose and set tanzanite pieces of every size, shape and shade. 

3. Del Sol 

This is an amazing store with items that change color in sunlight.

They offer 100 clothing options such as T-shirts, shorts and women's tees;

Over 100 shades of nail polish;

Solize Sunglasses; 

Jewelry and accessories - hair clips, hats, rings, pendants and earrings. 

4. Tortuga Duty-Free Liquors 

Expect to find: 

* A wide selection of wine and champagne (all duty-paid);

* The finest Tortuga rum and other liquor brands; and,

* World famous Tortuga rum cakes (we always buy a box or 2). 

5. Passman Galleries 

If you are shopping for anything "black coral", Passman Galleries is Grand Cayman's black coral jewelry specialist.

You can also expect to find: 

1. Classical ring designs - RiverWalk, Wavebreaker, etc;

2. Exclusive handcrafted jewelry designs in black coral and diamonds;

3. Limited editions and one-of-kind black coral sculptures; and, 

4. For your peace of mind, a Certificate of Authenticity, plus warranty and care come with each purchase. 

Other Shopping Hot Spots
In Grand Cayman

1. Island Treasures - Find indigenous Caribbean jewelry; 

2. Pirate's Grotto - Shop for unique treasures, souvenirs, gifts, etc; 

3. Philip Stein Boutique - This is one of two in the Caribbean offering the widest selections of the "feel good" watch

4. La Parfumerie I & II - Choose from over 450 fragrances! 

5. Kirk Leather - Shop for handbags, luggage, accessories, Fendi, Longchamp, Tumi and Cross; and, 

6. Fossil Boutique - Find Fossil watches, leather goods, sunglasses and gifts. 

I have listed just few of the many Grand Cayman stores that offer goods at great prices and with some buyer's guarantee for your peace of mind. 

Where To Find Stores
In Georgetown

You will not have to look long and hard to find the stores listed above or any other.

The Georgetown stores are located in the general area where your ship's tender (small boat that takes you to/from cruise ship to shore) leaves you. 

Tender Dock In Grand Cayman

Currency Accepted When
Shopping In Grand Cayman

The Cayman currency is worth more than the U.S. Dollar (for as long as I can remember). However, you will not have to change out your own currency.

The vendors will gladly accept U.S. Dollars and the Pound Sterling (Cayman Islands still belong to England and there is a Governor General on the island representing the British Crown). 

So, are you ready to visit the Grand Cayman Cruise Port and check out all the great shops in Grand Cayman?

Book your cruise and let us sail. You will find great deals and treasures when shopping in Grand Cayman. 

Tender Heading Back to Ship In Grand Cayman

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