Family Cruise Adventures

Most of our family getaways are family cruise adventures. We have tried other forms of vacation but came right back to a cruise ship getaway. 

There's something to be said about that. If something works well for the entire family, suits our pockets and lends itself to varied and new adventures, why would you change it?

We enjoy cruise vacations and will not replace them with any other type of adventure away from home.

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Beginnings of our Family Cruise Adventures

Family & Friends Arriving in Aruba

When we took our first cruise vacation, there was not much buzz around us about cruising. If there was, we were not aware of it. We decided to cruise because we loved to travel and wanted to try something different.

Our family numbered four at the time - my wife, two boys and me - and everyone went. We're now five, but we also travel with other relatives and friends.

Our first Caribbean cruise in 2004 (5-nights) took us from the Tampa Cruise Port to Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Nassau, Bahamas.

We were so impressed with the idea of cruising - seeing new places, enjoying lots of food, experiencing new adventures and meeting new people - that we vowed then to continue with this newly discovered type of family vacation.

We have not looked back.

With my wife & 2 kids in Aruba 2019

Overview of our Family Cruise Adventures

Since our first family cruise vacation, we have had the privilege of experiencing several other cruise ships and itineraries.

I previously mentioned that our first cruise for five nights took us to the Western Caribbean. Our ship then was the Carnival Sensation

To our first adventure at sea, we have added several 5-day cruises to the Western Caribbean. We have also included 7-night cruise adventures to that part of the world.

However, we have not stayed in the West. Our cruise journeys have taken us to the Eastern Caribbean and to the Southern Caribbean.

In addition to experiencing a variety of itineraries, we have also been blessed to experience different cruise lines and varied sizes of ships.

Our family adventures have been accommodated by Disney Cruise Line, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean International and of course Carnival Cruise Line. 

In terms of ship sizes, we have explored humongous vessels such as Symphony of the Seas and Allure of Seas. We have also found pleasures on smaller ships such as Carnival Elation and Carnival Fantasy.

Midsize ships such as the Crown Princess and Norwegian Dawn have offered us comfort and joy.

My wife and I have also experienced the new and welcoming world of MSC Cruises aboard the gigantic and beautiful MSC Meraviglia.

Two of our kids battling on Carnival Horizon

Family Cruise Adventures Highlights

What brings us back to a cruise ship vacation?

Have you stood by the rail of a cruise liner and looked out to the horizon? It's absolutely amazing!

It is even more so when you can lie on a lounge chair, with no care in the world and a stuffed belly and look out to sea.


But there is more...

Dining Experience

One of the joys of cruising is the ability to explore different cuisines. More often than not, while home, we hang onto the same types of food because of their familiarity and probably ease of preparation. Being on a cruise ship is different.

You do not have a say in what is prepared and how, but you do have a say in what you choose to eat.

Cuisines at sea are many and varied. You get to try them all - if you wish.

My wife in a main dining room on MSC Meraviglia

Visiting New Places

If you're reading this page and have never cruised, count the number of countries you have visited.

Before I cruised, I had visited one other country. I grew up in Jamaica and immigrated to the United States in my twenties.

I recall reading about my Caribbean neighbors as a student in school and even hearing about them on newscasts, but never visited any of them.

My cruise adventures have taken me to many of my Caribbean neighbors: The Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. Maartin/St. Martin, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, Barbados, and more.

What a joy it is now to hear about a country and be able to say, "I've been there!"

The cruise ship has been the vehicle that my family has used to explore the Caribbean. How convenient!

With my wife for 3-day Bahamas cruise on MSC Meraviglia

What Else?

Have you heard of the creativity that is hitting the cruise industry? Cruise ships, which are like small luxurious towns/cities or resorts within themselves, have been debuting with impressive amenities. 

Have you tried skydiving? You can do that on a cruise ship. 

Do you like to bowl? You can do that on a cruise ship.

Do you like to go ice skating? You can do that on a cruise ship.

Do you like to go zip-lining? You can do that on a cruise ship.

Small Area of the SportSquare on Carnival Horizon

How wonderful it is to know that the family cruise adventures that we have experienced are available to all families.

I want your family to have as much fun as mine does when you plan your next vacation.

Sharing Our Family Cruise Adventures

Over the years, I have taken countless number of pictures and recorded many videos of our family away at sea. I want to share some of those with you.

I encourage you to bookmark this page. Over time, check back for more. I will be adding pages of my family cruise getaways, using mostly pictures and videos to share highlights of our seafaring adventures.

It is my hope that as I share our family cruise adventures with you, something will click and you and yours will start a vacation trend that you will never end.

Bon voyage!


Carnival Sunrise Family Cruise Adventure

Carnival Magic - First Cruise Since Covid-19

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