Cruise Ship Wedding

Cruise Wedding Princess Cruises

A cruise ship wedding offers a unique and unforgettable wedding experience. That is exactly what you desire for your special day.

Try to imagine exchanging vows with your partner on the deck of a luxurious ship, surrounded by the stunning blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. It’s a romantic and picturesque setting that will make your special day even more memorable.

I strongly believe that choosing a Caribbean cruise for your wedding is a brilliant idea, because of all the advantages that this experience offers.

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What's So Great About a Cruise Ship Wedding?

Cruise Wedding Princess Cruises Photo

By choosing to exchange your wedding vows on a cruise ship, you’re not only getting a beautiful location. You also score an all-inclusive experience that includes all that you need to make your special day perfect.

Try to imagine a gentle ocean breeze, the sound of waves lapping against the hull, and the sun setting in a breathtaking symphony of colors. Now imagine exchanging your vows amidst this picturesque panorama, surrounded by the people who mean the most to you.

A cruise ship wedding isn't just an event; it's a journey into a realm of unparalleled romance and beauty.

The unique wedding experience at sea provides for the right venue, right menu and several ways to customize your life’s biggest celebration.

You’re not left to plan the wedding alone. After deciding to get married on a cruise ship, you will be assigned a team of wedding planners to help choose the right package and customizations, adding your personal touch to the cake, flowers, music, meal and more.

You will work with a team of experts to get your wedding day right.

Cruise Ship Wedding Location Inside
Cruise Ship Wedding Location in Destination

Cruise Ship Wedding 
Venue Options

Here are a few options for your wedding at sea:

1. Shoreside - Some couples choose to wed shoreside. That is, while the ship is in port, they will tie the knot and then set sail for their honeymoon. This option allows guests who do not wish to cruise to attend the wedding.

2. At Sea – Most guests enjoy getting married while the ship is at sea. The wedding usually happens at an outside location, with the bright blue sea serving as the backdrop or inside a chapel or some other immaculate location on board the ship.

3. In Destination – Third, other couples will choose a port of call on a ship’s itinerary and get married in that location.

Whether you envision a tropical beach wedding in the Caribbean, a romantic Mediterranean voyage, or even a journey to the northern lights in Alaska, your wedding can double as an extraordinary honeymoon. It's not just a wedding day – it's the adventure of a lifetime.

Whichever of the three options is your preference, you’re in for an unforgettable experience.

Cruise Ship Wedding Location Outside

Cruise Ship Weddings
Stress Less and Cost Less

Do you recall how much your friend sweated when she was getting married on land? She was just like a chicken without a head. There was so much stress about the venue, the food, the decorations, and the list goes on.

Your wedding at sea is guaranteed to cost less than the traditional land wedding and will bring you less stress.

You cannot afford to lease an entire cruise liner, but the ship as a venue comes included in your at-sea wedding package.

Whether it is outside by an infinity pool or on a bridge stretching over water, or an immaculately decorated area inside, your cost will be less than a grand hall on land.

How about the wedding being less stressful? It is.

Worry not about the logistics of planning a wedding at sea. There is a dedicated team of experts that ensures a level of convenience and seamlessness that traditional weddings often struggle to match.

Your team of dedicated and experienced wedding coordinators will take care of every detail, from selecting the perfect ceremony location on board to arranging the finest floral arrangements.

This means that you will have a lot more time to glow in the excitement of your impending nuptials and not stress over the little things.

Cruise Ship Weddings Availability

You will be happy to know that some of your favorite cruise lines currently offer weddings at sea.

These include Celebrity Cruises, Cunard Cruises, MSC Cruises, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

(Click to learn more about Princess Cruises ship weddings.)

Things to Remember Regarding Cruise Ship Weddings

1. Choosing Your Cruise - Not all cruise sailings offer cruise ship weddings. Contact your travel advisor to help you select the right cruise line and the right ship.

2. Marriage License – You’re responsible for obtaining a wedding license. In some cases, it may take some time to obtain, depending on whether you get married at sea or in a special destination. Start your wedding plans early to allow adequate time.

3. Guests Allowed - You’re limited to the number of guests allowed in the wedding ceremony on board the ship. If you wish to have more people than allowed to celebrate with you, here’s a tip: Invite them to cruise with you and reserve a room on board to have your own after ceremony celebration/reception.

4. US Shoreside Weddings – If you live in the US, having your wedding while the ship is docked at a US port is quite convenient. A local official will conduct the ceremony. Furthermore, some friends and relatives who do not wish to cruise may attend the wedding and then go home.

Cruise Ship Wedding Romantic View

Start Your Journey Today
Plan Your Cruise Ship Wedding

Your wedding at sea is not just an event – it's a voyage into love, a celebration that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary. Imagine standing hand in hand with your partner, with the sea breeze carrying your vows to the horizon.

Picture a wedding day that's not just a memory but a cherished chapter in the story of your love. Embark on this incredible journey, and let your love set sail amidst the grandeur of the open sea.

Your cruise ship wedding awaits – where dreams are woven into the fabric of the ocean and love knows no bounds.

Contact us today to start planning the wedding of a lifetime.

(Some photos courtesy of Princess Cruises.)

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