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For the modern bride seeking an alternative to a traditional, land-based wedding, Princess Cruises ship weddings offer a unique blend of convenience, romance and adventure.

These fabulous floating venues are becoming increasingly popular due to their affordability and the sheer charm of a sea-faring ceremony and reception.

Princess Cruises ship weddings provide a range of couple-friendly wedding packages to make the wedding experience truly bespoke. Unlike the escalating costs of land weddings, this all-inclusive package approach takes the stress off budgeting.

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Princess Cruises Ship Weddings - Packages & Costs

Royal Princess Piazza

Royal Princess' Piazza - Great Wedding Venue

Princess Cruises has always offered several wedding options, including the "Princess Cruises weddings at sea" ceremony, conducted by the ship's captain. There have also been harbor-side options for couples who prefer to exchange vows while the ship is docked, and destination weddings that take place in exotic ports of call visited during the cruise.

In summer 2023, Princess announced TV host and bridal designer Randy Fenoli as its Brand Ambassador for Love and Romance and three new exciting wedding packages dubbed “Princess Perfect Weddings”.

These packages will do what the old ones did, providing wedding offerings tailored for couples seeking unique and romantic ways to say “I do” and ensuring unforgettable memories.

Princess’ Current At-Sea Options:
Per Princess Cruises, below are the current wedding package offers and their prices…

Perfect Pair Wedding

(This option includes the couple and up to two guests. There are two options at different prices: Symbolic Wedding at $2,995 or a Legal Wedding [includes marriage license] at $3,495.)

Package Highlights:
• Indoor or outdoor ceremony by the ship’s captain
• Fresh florals, wedding cake and sparkling wine toast
• Dedicated photographer service and memorable prints
• Romantic breakfast for the couple
• Stateroom gifts and goodies
• Pre-cruise and onboard wedding coordinator
• Keepsake certificate

Timeless Ceremony at Sea

(This option includes the couple and up to eight guests. There are also the same options as above: Symbolic Wedding at $3,995 or a Legal Wedding [includes marriage license] at $4,495.)

Package Highlights:
• Indoor or outdoor ceremony by the ship’s captain
• Fresh florals, wedding cake and sparkling wine toast
• Solo live musician during the ceremony
• Dedicated photographer service
• Memorable prints and digital high-res photos
• Romantic breakfast for the couple
• Stateroom gifts and goodies
• Pre-cruise and onboard wedding coordinator
• Keepsake certificate

Timeless Wedding at Sea

(This option includes the couple and up to 18 guests. You may choose a Symbolic Wedding at $5,995 or a Legal Wedding [includes marriage license] at $6,495.)

Package Highlights:
• Indoor or outdoor ceremony by the ship’s captain
• Fresh florals for the couple and the wedding party
• Wedding cake and sparkling wine toast
• Bridal hair styling & makeup
• Solo live musician during the ceremony and reception
• Dedicated venue to celebrate after ceremony
• Signature welcome cocktails curated by the couple
• Dedicated photographer service
• Memorable prints and all digital high-res photos
• Romantic breakfast for the couple
• Premium dining experience for the couple
• Stateroom gifts and goodies
• Pre-cruise and onboard wedding coordinator
• Keepsake certificate

Princess’ Harborside or Ashore Wedding Options

If you want a wedding cruise, but prefer to exchange your vows on land, the wedding team at Princess has options for that wish.

They can plan your wedding to occur before the ship sails (allowing more guests to attend) or you may have the ceremony in one of the cruise’s beautiful ports of call. For that option, a local official would preside.

Princess Perfect Weddings team promises to “tailor the package to where you are, where you’re going and what ship you’re on and when you’re sailing.”

Important Notes:

1. Ensure that the Princess ship you have in mind allows for legal weddings in the Caribbean.

2. For destination wedding plans, talk with your wedding coordinator about any possible restrictions. 

3. Prices listed above do not include the cruise fare and are subject to change.

Royal Princess Dining Room

Example of Dining Room on Royal Princess for Wedding Reception

Princess Cruises Ship Weddings
Additions to Wedding Package

Princess Cruises offers decadent 'Romance Packages' to enhance the wedding experience. These can range from a “Deluxe Romance Package,” which includes stateroom décor, sparkling wine, and canapés, to the more elaborate “Ultimate Shipboard Luxury Getaway” featuring a special couples spa day among other romantic surprises.

The experience offered by a Princess Cruises Ship wedding is unmatched. Imagine exchanging your vows while sailing the glittering ocean, a gentle sea breeze accentuating the beautiful scenery around you.

Aside from the captivating environment, the service and food provided on Princess Cruises are widely acknowledged as some of the best in the cruise industry.

Princess' chefs work diligently to ensure the wedding food is memorable. From succulent appetizers to entrancing main courses and divine desserts, your reception is ensured to be a culinary delight.

Things You Will Appreciate About a Princess Cruises Wedding

Dedicated Team: You will be assigned a dedicated wedding coordination team that works behind the scenes to ensure that every detail – from décor to dessert – is perfectly executed for your big day. Their passionately dedicated service makes for a stress-free experience, so the couple can focus on experiencing every precious moment.

Storybook Feel:
What sets Princess Cruises weddings apart is the storybook quality they impart, where each moment feels magically imbued with romance. The breathtaking ocean vistas, stunning sunsets, and luxuriously appointed staterooms add a considerable charm to the wedding experience.

Beautiful Choices in Staterooms & Amenities:
Post-wedding, the newly-weds can relax in their spacious stateroom, elegantly adorned with rose petals. The room service team treats the couple to a special breakfast-in-bed the next morning, starting the first day of their married life on a deliciously high note.

How about the guests? The facilities onboard Princess’ ships are comparable to any luxury resort. Guests will find spa options, fitness centers, numerous dining options, live entertainment, and swimming pools, ensuring a complete enjoyment package for everyone who participates in the wedding.

Guest accommodations include a variety of options from comfortable interior rooms to luxurious suites, accommodating diverse budgets and preferences.

All-Inclusive Wedding Option:
One of the advantages of choosing a cruise ship wedding is the all-inclusive aspect. In addition to the ceremony, reception, and the honeymoon, Princess Cruises takes care of accommodations, dining, entertainment, and transportation - elements separately budgeted for in a land-based wedding.

The wedding festivities need not end with the reception. The bride, groom, and their guests can enjoy an adventure-filled honeymoon or a relaxing vacation right after the wedding, without the need to travel elsewhere.

With Princess Cruises, you’re assured of memorable moments both onboard and ashore.

Added Reasons to Choose a Princess Cruises Wedding:
1. If you so wish, religious or cultural customs can be incorporated into the ceremony, reflecting the rich diversity of love stories that Princess Cruises cater to.

2. Princess Cruises supports eco-conscious weddings. From the avoidance of single-use plastics to promoting local and sustainable resources, your dream wedding can be as green as it is glamorous.

Princess Cruises Ship in Skagway

Princess Cruises' Ship in Skagway, Alaska

Are You Ready To Book Your Princess Cruises' Ship Wedding?

If you have never sailed with Princess Cruises, you may consider taking a short cruise to sample their service and one of their beautiful ships. Immerse yourself firsthand in the romance and relaxation that await you.

After you’ve done that, or even before, contact me for assistance with getting the process started. I will handle your cruise reservation (honeymoon), along with the sailings of relatives and friends who will sail with you. I will also connect you with the Princess Cruises wedding team.

If you already have a travel agent, they will assist you. If you wish to get some information on your own, you may visit Princess’ wedding page or email the wedding team at

Last Word on Your Affordable Wedding at Sea Option with Princess Cruises

A Princess Cruises Ship wedding combines the romantic allure of a sea voyage with the practicality of an all-inclusive wedding package to create a truly memorable wedding experience.

With their unique blend of adventurous and luxurious offerings, beautiful sceneries, all-inclusive wedding packages, affordable cost, and the unparalleled service, a Princess Cruises' ship is the perfect wedding venue for discerning couples looking for both adventure and romance on their special day.

Experience the joy of saying "I do" sailing the high seas in paradise with Princess Cruises.

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