Family Caribbean Cruise

Best Vacation Ever!

My Family On Carnival Paradise 2012

We choose a family Caribbean cruise vacation for two main reasons: 

1. The cruise experience; and, 

2. The Caribbean experience. 

When you know what we know, why wouldn't you do the same? 

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Our Kids Playing Golf On Carnival Victory 2014

Family Caribbean
Cruise Experience

Try to imagine your Caribbean cruise vacation of 4, 5, 6, or 7 glorious days of sheer fun and relaxation - sailing the clear blue Caribbean Sea onboard a monstrous floating luxury resort - the cruise ship.

Consider the following...

While away on that well-needed, all-inclusive family Caribbean cruise, YOU will NOT have to: 

1. Clean your room (that's done twice a day for you); 

2. Prepare meals (your cruise meals include three main courses plus several snacks in between every day); 

3. Pick up after your family and wash dishes (crewmembers pick up the dirty plates); 

4. Rush to drop the kids at soccer, pick up the kids from piano, check homework, etc. (you can just relax on the sun-deck all day if you wish); 

5. Worry about finding a babysitter to watch the kids so you can have some alone time (cruise ships come with kids' zones and counselors to keep them engaged and entertained); 

6. Book a hotel and worry about paying for additional entertainment (your cruise package includes fun activities and live entertainment onboard); 

7. Be confined to one fun place and experience (your cruise vacation includes 2 or more stops at different islands in the Caribbean); and, 

8. Worry about spending extra money to make your Caribbean vacation great (your cruise package includes everything to make for a memorable vacation - the only extra thing is cruise gratuity

Some Special Benefits Of Cruising

While you will not have to do several things that are "must-do's" at home, you will get to DO some SPECIAL THINGS like: 

1. Spending fun times together; 

2. Exploring new places as a family; 

3. Meeting new people; 

4. Having some quality time to relax together and enjoy each other's company; and, 

5. Sharing some unforgettable moments - many captured by a camera while others are captured in your heart.

Even the Caribbean cruise nightlife is great.

Moments to cherish indeed! 

In addition to all the fun items of the onboard family Caribbean cruise experience, there are the added enticements of the Caribbean itself.

People from all over the world plan Caribbean vacations because of the many appeals of the region.

Many tourists to the Caribbean choose to fly into an island and stay at an all inclusive Caribbean resort. 

But just as many or even more tourists to the Caribbean (I do not know the exact numbers), choose to cruise. 

Arriving in Cozumel 2016

Appeals Of Family
Caribbean Cruise Vacation

The Caribbean Weather 

Many tourists choose a family Caribbean cruise because the weather is great almost all year round. You will always find comfortable temperatures in the Caribbean.

Whenever there is an Arctic blast or winter blizzard bringing snow and frigid temperatures to many parts of North America and elsewhere, the Caribbean will welcome you with 70 and 80 degree days.

Why would anyone want to stay in North America or a cold box elsewhere - shoveling snow or shivering in a subway station?

Get with your travel agent or visit an online travel service (see our Travel Booking site to your right) and book that Caribbean cruise.

Caution: As you may know, there is a period of the year when the waters of the Caribbean Sea may be unattractively "busy" - the Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Yes, the season runs from June to November, but the greatest storm activity usually occurs between late July and September.

Caribbean cruise lines still offer cruises during that time of the year and you will find the best cruise vacation prices for sailings during the hurricane season.

You do have the option of purchasing travel insurance to protect your cruise vacation investment.

Depending on the size of your family your cruise investment may be a fair amount, but it offers peace of mind.

At the Beach in Barbados 2015

The Caribbean Beaches 

The beaches of the Caribbean are among the most beautiful in the world and a Caribbean cruise vacation gets you to one, two or more of them on any cruise sailing.

Think of that: on one cruise getaway you may be able to visit more than one Caribbean beach. Wow!

We love Caribbean beaches!

My family has a natural love for the sea. We (the parents) are from Jamaica. Consequently, on each of our family Caribbean cruise vacations we are always eager to get to the beach. 

I believe that you will enjoy the Caribbean beaches too.

Picture it: white, powdery sand and clear blue water. It is beach heaven! Forget the debris-rich and dirt-colored beaches elsewhere (have you seen those?) and have an experience in the Caribbean Sea that you will long remember! 

Sites & Sounds Via Caribbean Cruise Excursions 

Your Caribbean cruise vacation opens the door for you to engage in many unforgettable shore excursions and enjoy places and experiences that other people back home only read about.

We were once those people until we woke up! 

Water Excursions 

There are several water-related shore excursions that your family will enjoy at any of the Caribbean ports of call.

Caribbean Shore Excursions include

1. Swimming with dolphins;

2. Sailing on a glass-bottom boat and enjoying the beautifully colored tropical marine life below; 

3. Snorkeling;

4. Parasailing;

5. Swimming with stingrays;

6. Getting close to sharks (for expert divers only!); 

7. Exploring extraordinary coral reef formations; and, 

8. Deepwater diving!

Sites & Thrills

And what about the sites? Below is a list of experiences that your family will enjoy on your family Caribbean cruise vacation: 

1. Visiting historic sites like the Mayan ruins (many read about these or see them on television, while you go); or the Fort Fincastle on Nassau, Bahamas

2. Touring world-renowned all-inclusive Caribbean resorts like The Atlantis, and exploring its widely acclaimed aquarium; 

3. Climbing and falling, but enjoying the waterfall of Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios, Jamaica (one top Ocho Rios Shore Excursion); 

4. Experiencing the mega shopping scene of St. Thomas, USVI; or,

5. Shopping for beautiful onyx in Cozumel. 

Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios, Jamaica 2014

Caribbean Cuisine 

Whenever you book your family Caribbean cruise, I urge you to plan to eat something from the islands you visit. Look for authentic meals in these places: 

1. Mexican dishes in Cozumel, Mexico

2. Spanish dishes in Puerto Rico; and, 

3. Finger-licking Jamaican dishes in Ocho Rios, Falmouth, or Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Caribbean People

Warm People - even most vendors!

It does not matter which port of call your Caribbean cruise vacation takes you, the people are generally warm and welcoming.

My family has now taken eight inclusive family Caribbean cruises and we have not had a regrettable encounter with any of the Caribbean natives.

However, you will find that some vendors can be somewhat forceful - not rude, but assertive. As you can imagine, there are so many of them trying to make a buck for their families (and in many cases enough for the owners of the stalls and themselves).

Of course that is no excuse for vendors in the Caribbean to be rude, but some may be.

Here is one bit of advice - if possible, move away from the pier if you plan to shop. Visit the West Indian straw markets and craft markets where you can bargain (haggle) with the vendors and engage them in conversation. Remark at the "craftiness" of the Caribbean natives who weave straw into hats, bags and many more amazing items.

You will get better deals inside the market. (Remember to travel with others or a guide.) 

Steel Drum Players in Barbados 2015

Caribbean Music

The Caribbean is known for its rich history of music and its artistes have made valuable contributions to the world.

Generally, your family Caribbean cruise vacation will include some artistes or Reggae band from the West Indies (Caribbean) onboard your ship.

Some cruise lines feature popular groups, such as the award winning "Blue Man Group" (provides a combination of music, theatrics and comedy) which travels aboard Norwegian Cruise Line's biggest ship, the Epic

While you can buy a CD or DVD which features Caribbean music, it is much better to experience Jamaican Reggae (such as Bob Marley's - "One Love, One Heart") while visiting Jamaica aboard Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas, or enjoy calypso (The Mighty Sparrow) or Soca ("Feelin' Hot Hot Hot) at a stop in the Eastern Caribbean.

At some ports of call you will find some musical performances by local artistes and others, or you will be treated to rich Caribbean music in their restaurants and elsewhere.

I have only brushed the surface. Before you run off to book your family vacation, here is something else for you: 

Vacation Reviews: See what others are saying about Caribbean cruise lines, cruise port hotels, and inclusive Caribbean resorts.

Last Word On
Family Caribbean Cruise

I hope that I have given you enough reasons to compel you to get up and plan your long over-due family Caribbean cruise vacation.

By the way, the Caribbean is also great for a romantic cruise getaway

Have senior citizens in your family? Consider a Seniors Cruise Vacation.

Finally, since you are planning an inclusive cruise vacation, find out where you can book family discount cruises

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