Seven Mile Beach
Grand Cayman

The Seven Mile Beach of Grand Cayman is simply stunning! 

This beach stop is very popular for beach lovers who explore the Caribbean on inclusive cruises.

It is certainly a favorite beach hangout for my family.

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Seven Mile Beach 
Beach Lovers

Visiting the Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman is perfect for beach lovers. The beach is located about fifteen minutes from the cruise terminal.

In fact, you may choose to visit this immaculate place to relax through a beach club or the public entrance. If you choose the former, the distance from the cruise terminal is even shorter.

Using a beach club rather than the public entrance provides you with options such as music and certain beverages.

However, if you enter the beach at the public entrance you will have options to purchase beverages and other items from vendors located there. Additionally, there are government-made gazebos and restrooms, so you will not lack for amenities.

Other Notables

In addition to gazebos, vendors, and restrooms, you will find a play area for the kids, volleyball nets plus lounge chairs and umbrellas for rent. 

Click this video for a quick glimpse of the entrance from the parking lot to the beach.

Images of Seven Mile Beach
Grand Cayman

A picture is worth a thousand words! Enjoy the following images of Grand Cayman's popular destination...

See how clear the water is!

My wife & daughter pose, while my nephews enjoy the beautiful water!

You may swim a good distance from shore and still enjoy calm waters!

Look beyond my wife to the sand... clear and powdery!

Getting to Seven Mile Beach from Grand Cayman
Cruise Terminal

I mentioned earlier that this beach is a short enough distance from the Grand Cayman Cruise Terminal. The trip should take 15-20 minutes.

There are two main ways to get to the beach:

1. You may choose to book an island tour. After coming ashore by a tender (small boat), you will find an information desk or taxi counter where you may book a tour. The last time we visited, a tour cost $25 per-person.

As part of the tour, the driver will include a stop at the beach (or you may request it) and will give you some time to swim.

2. For beach lovers, you will need more time than that which is included in an island tour. Consequently, you need to hire a taxi to go directly to the beach.

Taxis are more often than not minivans, which can carry several people. Consequently, you will not pay the entire cost of the trip. 

Taxis charge $6 per-person (as of 2/2020) to get to the public beach. If you wish to visit a beach club before the public entrance, the cost was $5 per-person in February 2020. 

Prices remain fixed for awhile. For many years, the taxi rate was $3 to the beach club and $4 to the public entrance.

Caribbean Cruises to
Seven Mile Beach 
Grand Cayman

Note: I am building this webpage during the Covid-19 pandemic and no cruise ship is currently sailing.

Before the pandemic, and I am quite certain after this awful period of time, you could easily find a cruise ship visiting Georgetown, Grand Cayman.

Cruises to Grand Cayman are part of what is dubbed "Western Caribbean Cruises." You will generally find 5-day and 7-day Caribbean cruises sailing from Florida to ports that include Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

Carnival Sunrise Anchored in Grand Cayman

Windstar Surf Anchored in Grand Cayman

MSC Armonia Anchored in Grand Cayman

Top Cruise Lines Visit Grand Cayman!

As seen from the preceding three images, top cruise ship companies will get you to the immaculate Seven Mile Beach.

On my last trip, I took pictures of the cruise ships above. In addition to these cruise lines, expect to find cruises with Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Holland America Line.

You will be certain to find the perfect family cruise getaway to this beautiful beach.

Short Video of Seven Mile Beach

In February 2020, I took a 5-day Western Caribbean cruise with Carnival Sunrise and the itinerary included Grand Cayman. On that trip, I took the photos above. I also recorded videos and will post one of them here.

Enjoy a quick look at the beach, as seen by my iPhone 11XR camera!

Did you enjoy that brief look at the beach? 

It is my hope that I have shared enough information to get you excited as a beach lover and prompt you to book your next cruise vacation to include Grand Cayman and a visit to the stunningly beautiful Seven Mile Beach.

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