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Royal Caribbean cruises help you realize how beautiful the world is with the natural wonders of the Caribbean. 

The long chain of tropical land and the wildlife, the green pastures and the culturally oriented people; all of these are the breathtaking scenes showcased by the Caribbean islands.

Caribbean wonders lie beyond the monotony of your imagination. It is more than just a great surfing destination, but also a true place of serenity for all humanity. 

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Labadee, Haiti - Royal Caribbean's Private Beach Resort

Painting A Picture of Royal Caribbean Cruises

This is a creation that is greatly enticing, a perfect place to live despite all the odds of life. This is the place where you can spend a moment of serenity. 

There is nothing wrong with daydreaming! 

Imagine yourself sailing on a luxury ship: “Sir, madam, anything we can offer you?” The service is absolutely the best. 

You are served with hot cappuccino when the sun shines, exquisite and delicious seafood to satisfy your lunchtime cravings, and a punch of white wine at night. 

You are treated like a king or queen.

Surfing the Caribbean is one of the experiences in your life that you will surely never regret. The shining shimmering sand, the blue-sky waters, the wide area of green fertile land - all these await you in on a Caribbean island.

Exploring the Caribbean will be a desirable task for you. As you cross the little islands found in the region, you will have many discoveries. You can even expand your knowledge of geography - learn why things seem to be like that in Caribbean.

The Caribbean lies in the area of the southern fringes of Mexico and the northwestern part of Venezuela. This is the reason why there is a sprinkle of mixed cultural heritage in the lives of the people residing on the islands.

My Kids Dressed Up For Captain's Celebration On Royal Caribbean's independence of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Cruises

For your Caribbean cruise, you may choose from several preferences, including the kind of cruise package. There are three major Caribbean cruise itineraries. These cover the Eastern Caribbean, Western Caribbean, and Southern Caribbean. 

Then, there are Bahama cruises.

Your Eastern Caribbean package will take you to places like the US and British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, etc. Your Western Caribbean cruise itinerary will include ports of call in the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Central America and Mexican islands.

And, your Southern cruise will include calls in popular places like Antigua, Barbados, Aruba, St.Kitts and Grenada.

Your Bahamas cruise will include calls in Freeport, Nassau and the respective cruise line's private Bahamian island.

From the typical package of seven days, you can extend the duration of your cruising schedule if you want to have a thorough exploration of the Caribbean. 

My Family On Monarch of the Seas - 2010

Things to Expect
Aboard Royal Caribbean Ships

The best among all the cruises is a luxurious and spectacular Royal Caribbean Cruise. All over the world, it is noted as one of the finest cruises that can guarantee an irresistible service to the cruisers.

Although it may be more expensive to sail Royal Caribbean Cruise than say Carnival, you will always get first class service on their ships.

Royal Caribbean offers varying splendid accommodations, fine dining and entertainment. Passengers can expect great entertainment even at night.

Of course, your cruise will also include some of the best ports of call, as noted above.

There is no doubt that you will be exposed to some of the finer things - delicacies - of travel, as you interact and socialize with with people from similar lifestyles, with whom you will be charmed by the beautiful islands.

With Royal Caribbean sailings, your dream will become reality. Try to experience a kind of cruise where you are treated like royalty, while you boost your sense of appreciation for the natural beauty of the Caribbean islands. 

Good luck and have fun when you book Royal Caribbean cruises, packed with luxury!

Before booking, check out the Royal Caribbean Cruise Discount Promotion page.

See my Independence of the Seas cruise vacation.

My Family With Friends at Dinner on Royal Caribbean's Independence of the Seas

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