Bahama Cruises
From U.S. Homeports

Pack your bags, family voyagers! Inclusive Bahama cruises are available to your and loved ones from top U.S. homeports like Miami, New York and Port Canaveral.

The Bahamas, with its fabulous weather all year and a treasure trove of attractions for the young and the young at heart, calls your family to much fun in the sun.

What's also fun to know is that all the leading Caribbean cruise lines are ready to whisk you and your loved ones off to the ever-popular Bahamian islands.

And the cherry on top? You stand a chance to snag some truly phenomenal cruise deals! The Bahamas aren't just a destination, they're an invitation to create unforgettable family memories.

So, hop aboard, and let the adventure begin!

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Ships in Nassau Cruise Terminal

Cruise Lines Visiting
The Bahamas

All the top Caribbean cruise lines offer cruises to the Bahamas. Six cruise lines offer over 100 annual Bahama cruises combined.

Not only do the top cruise lines give great cruise deals to the Bahamas, they also own private Bahamian islands.

Carnival Cruise Lines share Half Moon Cay with Holland America Cruises, Disney Cruise Line owns Castaway Cay, MSC Cruises owns Ocean Cay, Norwegian Cruise Line owns Great Stirrup Cay, Princess Cruises owns Princess Cays and Royal Caribbean owns Coco Cay.

By the way, Royal Caribbean's island is now dubbed "Great Day at CocoCay" and the fun activities offered are simply stunning.

Relaxing On Coco Cay

Visiting Cruise Lines'
Private Bahamian Islands

For someone visiting any of the cruise line's private islands on a Bahama cruise, you can expect: 

1. Great fun on the beach;

2. Specially organized family games;

3. In some cases, a separate beach and spa area for adults only;

4. Water sports like parasailing;

5. Tremendous snorkeling fun; and,

6. Some shopping - not much, and the prices are usually more than on Nassau. 

For those who book a Bahamas resort vacation other than a Bahama cruise, you will not have access to the cruise lines' private islands.

However, there are many special private Bahamian islands such as Exuma, that you may pay to visit.

Castaway Cay Disney Cruise Line

Castaway Cay, Bahamas with Disney Dream

Available Bahama Cruises
From U.S. Homeports

Let us hurry on to talk about Bahama cruises.

At the time of writing this, cruise ship vacations to The Bahamas are sailing from the following U.S. homeports:

1. New York City

2. Cape Liberty, New Jersey

3. Baltimore, Maryland

4. Charleston, South Carolina

5. Jacksonville, Florida

6. Port Canaveral, Florida

7. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

8. Miami, Florida

9. New Orleans, Louisiana

10. Galveston, Texas

Please note that some of these U.S. ports offer cruise itineraries year-round, while some other limited sailings. In addition, some ports only offer one cruise line while others several cruise lines.

Lighthouse on Ocean Cay Bahamas

Shot of Lighthouse on Ocean Cay, Bahamas

Why Choose
Bahama Cruises?

Great Shore Excursions

In addition to a cruise line's private island, which is generally included in your Bahamas cruise itinerary, there are tons of other exciting shore excursions to choose from in The Bahamas. 

1. Tours - If your cruise itinerary includes a stop in Nassau, you will be able to step off the ship onto the pier and walk through the Nassau Marketplace to the "outside".

You will find many established tour operators who charge about $30 per person for a tour of Nassau, which includes a stop at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island.

(You may even catch a taxi to The Atlantis Resort for about $6 one way.)

Go see some historical sites and main buildings; see how the locals live; view Nassau Harbour from the hills; visit an old fort; find better bargains on souvenirs away from the pier; and end your tour at the magnificent Atlantis Resort.

2. Glass-Bottom Boat Tours - Whether or not you love marine life, you will enjoy "hovering" above the beautiful tropical marine species of the Bahama waters.

3. Swim With Dolphins - Get a thrill from visiting the famous Atlantis Resort and from swimming with dolphins.

4. Exuma Islands - What have you heard about Exuma? It may all be true! Join an excited group of fellow cruise passengers to the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas!

5. Snorkeling, Diving & Swimming - The Bahamas offer so much to do in the water, because there is just too much water - beautiful beaches and perfect opportunities for scuba-diving and snorkeling.

What about parasailing? That is available too! 

Half Moon Cay Beach

Half Moon Cay Beach

Booking Bahamas Cruises

Now that you know why you should get on a Bahama cruise, let us look at prices - even some Bahamas cruise deals or specials.

Click on the link below to view prices and book your cruise at

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Booking Bahamas Cruise:
Things to Note

Most cruise lines offer 3-day cruises and, 4-day cruises to the Bahamas.

It is quite rare to find a 7-day Caribbean cruise to The Bahamas, but you will find some.

You will find a handful each year. Disney Cruise Line offers 7-day Bahama cruises and you will find other 7-day sailings from New York, Baltimore Cruise Terminal or Cape Liberty Port.

As for cruise ticket prices you will generally find the best Bahamas family cruise packages during the spring and the fall.

While a 3-night Bahama cruise during the summer will start above $400 or more per person, one in the spring or the fall will often start below $400.

Although Bahama cruise prices are higher during the summer, you can always find a cruise deal going to the Bahamas.

Look out for last minute Caribbean cruise postings on the Internet.

What do cruise lines do with unsold cabins for any sailing? They drop the price! Yes, if cabins are left unsold for a week or two before a cruise's scheduled departure, the cruise line will drop the price - in most cases.

This may be your chance to grab a cruise deal.

If you have a flexible schedule and do not mind having your family scattered on the ship (this sometimes happens on last minute cruises), you may wait to book a last minute Bahama cruise.

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Ship Leaving Nassau Terminal

View of Nassau Terminal on a Departing Disney Dream Cruise

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