Sweet 16 Disney Dream Cruise

by Peter
(McDonough, GA, USA)

Daughter Cutting Birthday Cake

Daughter Cutting Birthday Cake

My family experienced a Sweet 16 Disney Dream Cruise in June 2022. The cruise was not actually called a "Sweet 16 cruise", but we took this cruise to celebrate my daughter's 16th birthday.

Several years ago, our daughter told my wife that she would like a Disney cruise for her 16th birthday. This was the year she turned 16 and we're happy to have helped her realize her dream of sailing on a Disney cruise ship.

My family has been on several cruises, but we were somewhat excited about taking this Disney Dream cruise. We almost missed our ship, due to a tire incident on the way to the port, but thank God we made it onto the ship - and my daughter's expression of worry and disappointment was quickly replaced with joy.

Our entrance into the Disney Dream's grand hall was different from other ships. Someone asked for our last name and then announced the family, as we entered. Pretty cool!

After checking in at our muster station, we headed to the buffet restaurant to grab some lunch. Immediately, you could tell that we were in the "land of magic", surrounded by everything Disney: images, tunes, etc.

This promised to be an exciting cruise vacation for my daughter and the rest of us.

Our Sweet 16 Disney Dream Cruise was a 4-day sailing from Miami to Nassau, Bahamas and Castaway Cay, Disney's private Bahamian island. Nassau was largely a shopping stop for us, while Castaway Cay was the beach stop.

At different points along our Disney cruise journey, I asked my daughter how it was going for her. Her answer: "It brings out the inner child in me." Isn't she a child too? Well...

There are several things that our sixteen year old really enjoyed on our Disney Dream cruise. I will list some:

1. Disney movies shown on the pool deck, in the main theater, a separate cinema and on the stateroom television:

2. Disney songs being played over the PA system;

3. Having dinner in three different themed restaurants;

4. Splashing in the pool and going down the water slide (really going around in a tube-like slide);

5. Meeting Disney characters;

6. Enjoying the tasty food offerings; and,

7. Spending time at Castaway Cay.

I mentioned above that my sixteen year old enjoyed certain things, but the truth is that the entire family had a great time.

We truly appreciated a spacious stateroom with a split bathroom and comfortable bedding. I personally found the shows more tasteful than on other ships (G-ratings), enjoying the likes of Beauty and the Beast.

While our Sweet 16 Disney Dream Cruise was magical, I will recommend that if it is possible plan to sail after August and before Thanksgiving. You will save some money on your cruise fare. If your child is a Disney fan, or if you are, plan to sail with Disney Cruise Line, but plan carefully.

You will not regret a cruise aboard any of the beautiful Disney ships: Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, Disney Magic, Disney Wonder and the newest one, Disney Wish. This ship set sail in July 2022 and is bigger and more beautiful than other ships in the fleet.

As we enjoyed our Sweet 16 Disney Dream Cruise, you go make your own memories. Happy sailing!

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