Royal Caribbean Cruise Package

If you book a Royal Caribbean cruise package, you do a very smart and fun thing.

It is true that you can choose from many other available cruise ship vacations, but why would you want to do that?

Royal Caribbean offers innovative cruising at its best. Plus, their cruise packages are packed full with goodies. Your family will come back from its vacation with incredible amounts of satisfaction.

Let us look at what your Royal Caribbean family cruise vacation offers you.

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Royal Caribbean Cruise Package - What's Inside?

Do you already know what your basic cruise package look like?

1. Accommodations - You get a stateroom of your choice: an inside cabin, oceanview cabin, balcony cabin, or a suite.

2. Dining Options - In addition to a place to sleep, you get all the meals that you will need onboard the ship and much more. You are assigned to a main dining room with some cruise lines, while with others you get to choose between a few dining venues.

However, even with the first option of being assigned to one main dining room, you still have a buffet restaurant and other eateries which you can visit onboard ship.
3. Youth Program - Your children are provided with professional counselors, who keep them entertained and involved for several hours each day.

4. Entertainment - You can choose from a slew of entertainment options onboard the ship. There are intimate moments with individual artistes, large group performances, production shows, comedy events, organized activities and much more. 

5. Exciting Destinations - There is also the much-loved opportunity you have to visit exciting destinations, old and new. 

Labadee - Royal Caribbean's Private Island Resort

Royal Caribbean Cruise Package - What Else To Expect?

In addition to the basic inclusions of your Royal Caribbean cruise package, there are other exciting things to consider:

1. Your Stateroom - I will concede that the staterooms on Carnival's ships tend to be bigger than on Royal Caribbean's ships. However, you will not lack for comfort. 

Whether you choose an inside cabin or suite, you will receive a beautifully arranged stateroom with amenities such as comfortable bedding, a flat screen television, a refrigerator, a steward to keep your cabin clean and complimentary room service.

You will be pampered, and sleep in comfort - guaranteed.

2. Dining Options - In addition to what is said about dining above, you should know that Royal Caribbean continues to win awards as the best over-all cruise line in the Caribbean and this includes dining.

You will love what you eat on a Royal Caribbean ship.

You may also want to know that Royal immerses its guests in local and global cuisines, so you will experience dishes from popular countries in Europe and Asia.

Get ready to enjoy the ambiance of intimate dining rooms and *specialty restaurants (*incur additional charge). Let your mouths water as you think of delectable desserts.

You will enjoy mealtime on your family's Royal Caribbean cruise vacation.

3. Your Kids and Teens - While Royal makes provisions for adult cruisers to have a memorable time at sea, they are also concerned about your little ones. Consequently, Royal Caribbean ensures that they have crew members available, who are well-suited to care for your children.

At different periods throughout the day, professionally trained crew members will take care of your children. No, it is not baby-sitting. Your children are treated to fun activities, learning experiences and many chances to play with their peers.

You may also leave your children in the hands of these responsible crew members in the evening after family dinner, so that you and your lover may have time alone.

The older kids have their own Teen Zone on Royal's ships.

Note:  After certain time at night, you will be charged leaving the younger kids with the staff.

4. Royal Entertainment & Activities - Yes, your Royal Caribbean cruise vacation package includes entertainment at no additional cost. There is a Cruise Director onboard, who works with a team to keep you engaged, involved and entertained. 

You can choose to be a part of sponsored activities throughout the day or relax by the pool. You will find live-enriching programs onboard. These include programs such as the Explorer Academy where professionals will teach you to ice-skate, dance, cook, play music and much more.

Not to be forgotten, Royal's ships are the biggest cruise ships at sea and they are loaded with the latest amenities. They have outdone themselves offering surf simulators, inline skating, flowrider, ziplining, rock climbing, bumper cars, an aqua-theater, carousels, and much more.

(Note that not all the above amenities are found on all Royal Caribbean ships.)

Your family will come home from a Royal vacation feeling well-entertained and more knowledgeable.

5. Exciting and Exotic Destinations - Your Royal Caribbean cruise vacation package will include visits to exciting and exotic destinations. Royal has the world covered by its many itineraries.

Whether you wish to sail to the ever-popular Caribbean, the top nature escape, Alaska or the breathtaking sites of Europe, Royal will get you there.

How about the China, Japan and even Australia? Yes, there is a Royal Caribbean cruise for that.

Kids' Water Zone On Independence of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Cruise Package
Call To Action

I have painted for you a picture of what your Royal Caribbean cruise vacation package looks like. 

It is now time to decide what you want to do.

Some cruising families get very excited about sitting down and planning each aspect of their family vacation. That is fine.

However if you prefer to trust the experience and diligent work of a cruise specialist, then you should allow someone with expertise to plan your trip for you.

Use the Cruise Quote Request form below to send me your request and let me go to work for you. 

Cruise Quote Request

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


Allure of the Seas in Falmouth Cruise Port

Listen, I know that your family wants the perfect cruise experience and also wants to spend the right amount of money. I get it.

My family numbers six (6) and I always seek the best rates for us.

Go ahead and complete the form, adding as much details as you think necessary. I will take on the task of putting together an inclusive family cruise package that works for you.

You and yours may then go off and simply enjoy the moments of an exciting Royal Caribbean cruise package.

Bon voyage!

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