My Exciting Carnival Paradise Experience!

by Venice
(Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Playing Golf on Carnival Paradise

Playing Golf on Carnival Paradise

My exciting Carnival Paradise cruise experience consisted of quite a bit of walking. I mostly walked around the ship, exploring each floor.

There are fourteen decks on Paradise.

The three most popular decks for me were Lido, Promenade and the Atlantic.

Lido deck, which is deck 10, takes you outside to the pool and in the back is the buffet restaurant where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. Different types of cuisines such as Chinese, Asian, Italian, plus a grilled food and a rotisserie food area.

On the outside are stairs which take you to the back of the ship where actually there is another pool and a basketball court. You can look out at the sea and see the ocean. Beautiful!

It's amazing to watch the big waves especially at sunset and you can see the trail in the water left by the ship.

The Promenade deck, which is deck 9, is the one on which I spent the most time. On that deck is a casino. Well, I just looked at people play the vault machine (an opportunity to win prizes by shooting some key through a hole) to see if they would win a prize but nothing. Some people would even put in $10 dollars and ended up wasting money, which I found as a joke.

Also as you travel farther down the casino to your right, where the poker people well just play poker and farther to the back are a bar and several lounges for karaoke and even comedy events.

To the back of the casino is the Queen Mary Lounge, a place where there is always something going on.

On the Promenade Deck you will also find the photo gallery where pictures taken by the Carnival Paradise's photographers are displayed for viewing and purchase.

There are many photographers onboard, who take pictures at every port of call and also offer formal pictures. There is no sitting fee to take formal pictures on Carnival Paradise.

Lastly, the Atlantic Deck, which is floor 8, has an entrance to the main theater (lounge), the Normandie Theater. This is where stage shows, some comedy events and games are held. This is also the floor where our dining room was - the Elation Restaurant. The food was actually kind of good.

My favorite part was the fact that they had shops. Finally! Something fun that I found out was that you had to pay with your room key card, but they had good deals.

This cruise was my first and hopefully not my last. I will never forget my exciting Carnival Paradise cruise experience!

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