MSC Divina Bahamas Cruise

I completed my first MSC Divina Bahamas cruise in September 2022 and had such a great time that I'm ready to sail with MSC Cruises again.

I will rate my overall experience an "A", which is not to say that the cruise was perfect. However, the good outweighed the bad.

Let me share some of the highlights of my MSC Divina cruise experience from Port Canaveral to Nassau and Ocean Cay.

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MSC Divina Bahamas Cruise - Transfer & Check-In

View of Port Canaveral from My Balcony - Norwegian Getaway

The MSC Divina sailed out of Port Canaveral in September 2022 from Terminal 10. My check-in time was 11:30 - 12:30 pm. I had used MSC Cruises’ transfer from the Orlando airport and arrived at the port some time after 11:00. It was near my scheduled time, so I was allowed to check in.

I joined the line, got to the window and presented my documents: passport, cruise ticket, vaccination card and health questionnaire. In a few minutes my photo was taken, I was given my cruise card and sent on board. I stopped for the usual photo and was onboard before noon.

That was so quick and I Loved it!

Note on MSC Cruises' Transfer from Orlando: The cost was $25 each way. My flight arrived in Terminal A, but pickup is in Terminal B. I waited there until a MSC Cruises' representative showed up with a sign - MSC. The rep was actually from the third party providing the shuttle service.

My only issue with the shuttle pickup was that MSC did not indicate on the cruise documents where to go. However, the third party had that covered, by sending reps to terminals other than B to pick up shuttle guests.

Everything went well, after being found and taken to the right spot.

MSC Divina Bahamas Cruise 
Beautiful Spaces Onboard

Atrium On MSC Divina

Black & White Lounge On MSC Divina

After clearing check-in, I went aboard. The first thing I look for when I board a ship is how well the atrium is done.

On the MSC Divina, I give the cruise line high marks for the beauty of the atrium. However, I would have preferred a more open plan.

Along with the stunningly beautiful atrium, my MSC Divina Bahamas cruise revealed many other sparkling spaces onboard.

You will find several sprawling lounges, each anchored by a bar, but very well decorated. The seating is inviting and the lighting quite flashy.

Look for places such as the Golden Jazz Bar, the Black & White Lounge and the Disco Restaurant.

Added to the lounges, there’s a piazza with comfortable seating and shops. 

MSC Divina Bahamas Cruise - Dining Options & Food

Lunch On My First Day Aboard MSC Divina

This cruise review would be incomplete without talking about the food on my MSC Divina Bahamas cruise.

Like everyone else, my first stop after boarding was to find the buffet restaurant. This is located on Deck 14.

I walked around the restaurant, which is another beautiful and well-decorated space on the ship with adequate seating, to get a sense of what was on the menu.

You'll be happy to know that you will find a little of everything: meats, starches, vegetables, fruits, desserts and drinks. I was pleased to see that MSC Divina offered more than water and sweet tea at lunch.

Beverage choices included: lemonade, sweet tea, hot tea, coffee and flavored water - tropical mango and strawberry kiwi.

For dining options generally, you may have all three meals in the buffet restaurant. However, there are two main dining rooms for full service and each guest is assigned to one.

In addition to the three main meals, I was never hungry on this MSC Divina Bahamas cruise. There was something to eat throughout the day, around different times, in the buffet restaurant. 

MSC Divina also had late night snacks and pizza in the buffet along with snacks in the piazza on Deck 6.

How was the food quality? Dinner on my first night was delicious. I had a grouper entree with rice and the fish was well-seasoned. The choices on the other two nights were not as great.

Overall, the meals were fine. I will say that I had better tasting food items in the buffet than the main dining room. It was a matter of my choices.

In addition to the buffet, main dining room and available snacks, you will find specialty restaurants onboard with packages offered. I did not try any of those restaurants and cannot speak to service or food quality.

Let's talk service...

MSC Divina Bahamas Cruise

Dining Room Crew Singing Happy Birthday

Mary Jane - My Cabin Steward (Thank you!)

I want to make a big shoutout to the dining room crew and cabin stewards on my MSC Divina Bahamas cruise. 

My steward was Mary Jane from the Philippines. She was kind and gracious and ready to help. Mary Jane was always asking if there was anything that I needed. 

Thanks, Mary Jane!

I traveled alone on this cruise and was placed at table with other solo cruisers. Our servers were quick and pleasant. They were always ready to bring us something else. 

Thanks, Astika and team!

Additionally, I often saw buffet crew members ready to help guests with drinks and other things. Great job!

MSC Divina Bahamas Cruise
Three Highlights

Infinity Pool On MSC Divina - Adults-Only Section

The pool offerings on MSC Divina are nicely done. There’s a main pool on the same deck as the buffet restaurant (14). This pool is open to the elements, but comes with a giant TV screen for movies and four whirlpools. In addition to this open pool, there’s another only a few yards away. This pool is covered and is accompanied with two whirlpools.

But there’s more. On Deck 15 (aft), there’s an adults-only area. This section boasts an infinity pool and two more whirlpools.

Pretty cool, I’d say! 

While I do not visit the pools on a cruise ship, I appreciated this section for adults only - tucked away from where all the kids were hanging out.

South Beach On Ocean Cay -

MSC Cruises' Private Island

My 3-night MSC Divina Bahamas cruise included a visit to MSC’s private Bahamian island - Ocean Cay.

What a stunningly beautiful destination!

The island is decorated with palm and coconut trees lining the pathways and several beautiful beaches. There’s a lagoon hosting two of the island’s beaches, with white powdery sand plus clear and calm water. You simply want to remain in the water all day!

Looking for scenic setting for your wedding? There's a wedding pavilion on the island.

You should sail MSC to the Bahamas, if only to visit their private island. You will enjoy it.

La Luna Piano Bar -

Venue of Solo Cruisers Reception

My MSC Divina cruise had a big surprise. I mentioned before that I cruised alone. To my pleasant surprise, one evening I was invited to a solo cruisers reception in the La Luna Piano Bar.

As the name suggests, I met with fellow, solo cruisers, the cruise director and we were served complimentary drinks - champagne and a non-alcoholic option.

That was quite impressive! Thanks, MSC Divina!

Final Words On MSC Divina Bahamas Cruise

My reason for taking this cruise was really to explore the ship and get a feel for the MSC cruise experience.

Overall, I had a great Bahamas cruise aboard MSC Divina and will be happy to sell this brand and itinerary to my guests.

I will point out that MSC does make a push to get guests to buy their drink packages. You must decide if that works for you.

I found their specialty restaurant and photo packages to be quite solid offers, although I did not buy either one.

I was disappointed that their matching program for guest loyalty was somewhat bland. The cruise line boasts that it offers you a comparable status for what you already have with another cruise line. I have Gold with Carnival Cruise Line, the equivalent of Silver with MSC Cruises.

However, while I would receive a free bottle of water and a complimentary drink whenever I sail with Carnival, I got nothing on this cruise.

That being said, my MSC Divina Bahamas cruise was a winner and I am ready to sail again. I hope to see aboard soon.

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