How to Book Cruise Packages
To The Caribbean

It is quite helpful to know how to book cruise packages to the Caribbean.

You may be one of those people who get really excited about planning a family Caribbean cruise, but then you do not know where to go next.

This is where I come in.

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What Follows Your Bright Cruise Idea?
Learn How to Book Cruise Packages

Now that you have decided to take your family on their first Caribbean cruise getaway, what's next?


You need to know who to contact to purchase your inclusive cruise package.

Contact A Travel Agent

Yours Truly - Peter Grant, Travel Consultant

Your best option is to find a Travel Agent.

Your personal agent works with you from start to finish and is available for any need that arises during your trip.

This is the best person to have on your side, whenever you plan to leave home on vacation.

Do you already have an agent who books land vacations for you? Get in touch with that person. If he/she does not specialize in cruise bookings, your Travel Agent may refer you to someone who does.

If you do not have an agent, we can help. Click here to learn more.

Visit the Cruise Line's Website

A simple answer to the question of how to book cruise packages is to visit the cruise line's website.

Do you know which cruise line you wish to sail with? That cruise line's website will provide tons of information about what they offer, along with things you should know about cruising.

While most cruise lines will tell you to contact your Travel Agent, you can book your family vacation right on their website, or by talking with one of their associates.

Contact Information For Top Caribbean Cruise Lines

1. Carnival Cruise Line

Telephone:  800-764-7419                                                   Website:

2. Celebrity Cruises

Telephone: 800-647-2251


3. Costa Cruises

Telephone: 800-GO-COSTA


4. Disney Cruise Line

Telephone: 800-951-3532


5. Holland America Cruises

Telephone: 877-932-4259


6. Norwegian Cruise Line

Telephone: 866-234-7350


7. Princess Cruises

Telephone: 800-774-6327


Click here to learn how to book cruise at Princess Cruises' website.

8. Royal Caribbean International

Telephone: 866-562-7625


Use An Online Travel Company

Another answer to the question of how to book cruise packages is to use an online travel company.

Several of the big-name travel companies that do business only on the Internet - Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, etc., also sell cruises.

There are other online travel companies like CruiseDirect, that specialize in selling cruises.

One great thing you will find from these online travel suppliers is that they sometimes offer you bonuses, separate from what the cruise lines will give you.

In fact, sometimes online travel agencies offer you bonuses when you will not get one from the cruise line.

One such online travel seller is Petes Travel Center (

You always get rewarded when you book with Petes Travel Center.

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So, are you ready to hit the high seas? I hope so.

It is my wish that the information on this page will help you get going, as you consider how to book cruise packages to the Caribbean.

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