Cruise Luggage Requirement:
What Can You Bring?

Knowing the cruise luggage requirement of your Caribbean cruise line is a must-do, before leaving home for your inclusive family cruise.

You do not want to be surprised!

Before I share some specifics about cruise luggage requirement, I will give you some general information on what is allowed and what is not. I believe that having this information will make it easier to comply with any luggage requirement from your Caribbean cruise line. 

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What to Wear
Onboard Cruise Ship?

This is a cruise ship vacation - to the Caribbean, so think "casual." In fact, the common term is "cruise casual."

Cruise casual entails: shorts, t-shirts, jeans, light tops, polo shirts, sandals, flip-flops, rubber-soled shoes, hats, visors, sunglasses, swimwear (and swimwear cover to go to and from the pools), sneakers, slacks, skirts, socks, colorful wear for the tropics, etc. 

Note: During the winter months you should pack a sweater or light jacket for cooler evenings at sea.

While you will dress casually for most of your cruise, you are asked to think of mealtimes in the main dining rooms and some specialty restaurants as going out to a special restaurant at home.

Consequently, for dinner in "certain areas" some forms of clothing are discouraged - no closed-neck shirts for men, tank tops, shorts, open-toe shoes (men), sandals, clothing with holes, etc.

Additionally, for those cruise lines with formal nights - Carnival, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, etc., ladies are asked to bring cocktail dresses, or some other suitable evening wear, while men are asked to wear a tuxedo, or slacks and a jacket, etc. 

Restrictions Affecting Your
Cruise Luggage

Generally, all cruise lines prohibit the following: 

1. Firearms

2. Illegal drugs

3. Clothes iron

4. DVD players and Video Game Systems

5. Sharp Objects, including knives and scissors

6. Candles & Incense

7. Coffee Makers & Hot Plates

8. Baseball Bats, Hockey Sticks, Cricket Bats, Bows & Arrows

9. Skateboards & Surfboards

10. Martial Arts Gear

11. Self-Defense Gear, including handcuffs, pepper spray, night sticks

12. Flammable liquids and explosives, including lighter fluid and fireworks

13. HAM Radios

14. Dangerous Chemicals, including bleach and paint, and,

15. **Alcoholic Beverages.

Some additional prohibited items are: wagons, segways, musical instruments, scuba gear air tanks and dive knives,fishing rods/poles, inline skates or wheeled shoes, skateboards, surfboards/wave boards, inflatable floats/pools, bikes, and kites. 

** Disney Cruise Line allows you to bring some alcohol onboard.

However, you cannot take your alcoholic beverage to public areas including the dining rooms or you will be charged a "cork fee."

Other cruise lines allow each guest to bring one bottle of champagne or wine onboard. 

Things You Can Include 
In Cruise Luggage

You can bring cameras, laptops, binoculars and walkie-talkies onboard. Note that due to the ship's thick walls, connection will sometimes be poor or non-existent.

Now that we have looked at some items you can bring or not bring, let us look at the cruise luggage requirement for each Caribbean cruise line.

Undoubtedly, if you are flying to your cruise port, you must consider the luggage allowance of the airline in question as this will have direct bearing on what you can bring onboard the ship anyway. Airlines have special luggage requirement and certain fees. 

Carnival Cruise Lines
Luggage Requirement

Carnival Cruise Lines

Each member of your family is encouraged to bring two pieces of luggage onboard your Carnival ship - measuring 16"H x 24"W, with no length restriction.

Guests have the option of taking their own luggage onboard at embarkation and off at disembarkation. Alternately, you may allow porters at the terminal to handle your luggage. Remember to tag each piece of your luggage.

**Tipping at the cruise terminal is recommended at $1 per bag. The $1 per bag tipping rate is generally true for Caribbean cruise terminals. 

Celebrity Cruises
Luggage Requirement

Celebrity Cruise Line

Celebrity has not posted the number of pieces of luggage you may bring on board. The cruise line allows each passenger to bring a "reasonable amount of personal property (including luggage)" onboard their vessels.

However, they recommend that for your comfort and convenience, that you limit the number of pieces you take.

Additionally, Celebrity urges you to pay attention to the luggage allowance and restrictions on the airline you will fly on to your Caribbean cruise terminal.

Guests are also encouraged to bring an *overnight-bag for your last night at sea. Your luggage will be collected the night before you leave the ship, and you will need an overnight bag to carry your night clothes and toiletries off.

*This is applicable for all cruise lines.

Holland America
Cruise Luggage Requirement

Holland America Cruise Line

Holland America has not posted a restriction on the number of pieces of luggage you may bring onboard, but cautions that airlines, limousines and other transfer vehicles have luggage allowance policies which may limit the amount and/or weight of luggage you may take with you and/or impose excess luggage charges.

You are responsible for complying with the policies.

Disney Cruise
Luggage Requirement

Disney Cruise Line

For your Disney cruise vacation, follow the general guidelines regarding luggage that your airline provides. Pack for your cruise as you would pack to board an airline to your respective Caribbean cruise terminal. 

Norwegian Cruise
Luggage Requirement

Norwegian Cruise Lines logo

Guests on Norwegian Caribbean cruises are allowed up to two pieces of personal luggage onboard. Each piece of luggage must weigh a maximum of 50 pounds.

Once again, however, if you are traveling by air, please check with the airline for specific luggage restrictions

Princes Cruises
Luggage Requirement

Princess Cruise Line

Princess Cruises encourages passengers to check with their airline carrier for luggage allowance/restrictions and guidelines prior to departure, and use that information as a guide for how many pieces of luggage you pack for your cruise. 

Royal Caribbean International
Luggage Requirement

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

For Royal Caribbean cruises, each guest is permitted to carry a reasonable amount of personal property (including luggage) aboard the vessel. However, in the name of comfort and convenience, it is recommended that you limit the number of pieces you take.

Royal Caribbean's guests are also encouraged to keep in mind that airlines may charge for excess or oversized luggage. Royal Caribbean cautions that charges incurred for excessive or oversized baggage are your responsibility.

Note also that each airline has a different limit on the amount of luggage it allows, so check your airline's specific restrictions such as allowance of pounds and any additional charges.

The bottomline is that your family will be allowed to bring onboard your Caribbean cruise ship whatever you need for a comfortable vacation. Just remember that for the overall comfort and convenience of all cruise guests, certain policies must be adhered to.

Remember to keep important items such as travel documents, medications, jewelry and fragile goods in your carry-on luggage.

Each Caribbean cruise line allows its guest to hand-carry at least one bag, regardless of its cruise luggage requirement. 

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