Crown Princess Photos
What a Beautiful Ship!

The following Crown Princess photos will reveal how beautiful the ship is. You will also get a feel for how certain things appear as you plan your own cruise.

Most importantly, you will want to book your own Princess Cruises' vacation to enjoy all there is to enjoy.

Let's explore!

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The Atrium

The first thing I look for whenever I board a cruise ship is the atrium. After seeing that, I get a sense of what to expect.

The Crown Princess' atrium was breathtaking to behold!

It is just an immaculate piece of work, with the piazza at the base.

Crown Princess Inside Cabin

You have several options in cabins on the Crown Princess. The above photos give you a glimpse of an inside cabin. We were quite pleased with ours.

The Crew Members

These Crown Princess photos of only two crew members are not a true reflection of the many devoted and hardworking people working onboard to ensure that you have the best vacation.

They go all out everyday, to ensure that you return home renewed.

The Piazza

The Crown Princess piazza is a great area to enjoy an entertaining act, grab a bite from the International Cafe, enjoy a chat at the bar, people-watch, visit the internet cafe or the future cruises center.

The Theatre

Each night, you can expect a lively and quite entertaining performance in this fabulous place. Shows for us included comedy acts, Broadway style singing and dancing performances, a hypnosis presentation and more.

Movies Under The Stars

You will really enjoy watching movies under the stars on the Crown Princess. They make it a great experience, providing blankets, plus serving you popcorn, cookies and milk. Super!

Artwork Lining Stairwell

Walking down the stairs is a true delight on this ship. You will find several pieces of fine artwork lining the stairwell.

Crown Princess Photos
Pool Shots

There are several pool areas onboard the ship. Here are shots of the main pool on the Lido Deck. This is where certain organized activities take place and where you will also have performances overlooking the pool.

If you wish to escape the crowds at the main pool area, you can find a quieter spot at the rear end of the ship.

The Sanctuary

Escape from the hustle and bustle of everything else to a place of serenity - The Sanctuary. This is an adult-only facility, and there is a cover charge.

The Golf Course

The miniature golf course on the Crown Princess is a great getaway from just about everyone. It is located up on deck 19, the very top of the ship.

I have only shared some of many Crown Princess pictures with you. I will consider adding more, as time passes.

One thing I can guarantee is that you will enjoy this beautiful ship and a great time aboard this vessel.

Go have fun!

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