Have You Considered
A Christmas Caribbean Cruise?

Eliana and Christmas Tree

You should consider a Christmas Caribbean cruise for the following reasons:

1. You will not have to plan the menu for that extravagant Christmas dinner;

2. Your family will be treated to delicious, holiday meals - lots of food - prepared by professional chefs;

3. No one has to worry about cleaning up after dinner;

4. There are plenty of fun activities for everyone to get involved with;

5. It is warmer in the Caribbean during Christmas than it is in most places in the U.S., Canada or Europe and you will not have to shovel snow; and, much more.

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Decorated Atrium of cruise ship

Decorated Atrium of Cruise Ship 

What To Expect On Christmas Caribbean Cruise

1. Your cruise ship is decorated to reflect the season; 

2. Your cruise ship staff will entertain you;

3. There are many activities designed to get the entire family or group involved - such as crafts, decorating your cabin or playing games;

4. Santa and his elves will ensure that your children get Christmas gifts, and even adults on some cruise lines;

5. Yes, there will be eggnog onboard your cruise ship; 

6. Most cruise lines provide a priest, rabbi or minister to lead Christmas or Hanukkah services; 

7. You can expect Christmas caroling on some Caribbean cruise ships; 

8. There are many holiday parties onboard a Christmas Caribbean cruise; 

9. Expect holiday music and classic Christmas movies; and much more. 

Christmas is a great time to cruise with family to the Caribbean!

Important Tips About Christmas Caribbean Cruise

The Price

Holiday cruises, especially itineraries including Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's are generally very expensive.

As you know, the children are out of school and many people take off from work during the Christmas Holidays.

Consequently, the demand for cruise cabins tends to be very high and that drives prices up.

The next tip is therefore very important.

Decorated Mini Mouse on cruise ship

Decorated Atrium of a Disney Cruise Ship 

Booking Your Family's Christmas Cruise

It is recommended that you book your Christmas or any major holiday cruise early - as many as 8-12 months in advance. You should get the best rates then, but it could also be a gamble.

There have been previous years in which the demand for Christmas cruises actually fell and that resulted in last minute deals.

If you are a risk taker, you may want to wait. If your gut says otherwise, go ahead and book it now. 

We can help you find a Christmas Caribbean Cruise for your family.

Please complete the form below and let us find the best deal for you. 

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Getting To Christmas Caribbean Cruise Departure Port

By all means, wherever possible, choose to sail from a cruise port that you can drive to. Flying during Christmas can be very eventful and costly:

1. There is unpredictable weather; and,

2. There is constant overbooking during the holidays.

If you have to fly to your Caribbean cruise departure port, plan to arrive at the port a day in advance. If your flight is delayed on the day of your cruise for any reason, you may miss your cruise.

Packing For Christmas Cruise

It is Christmas and there will be several festive events onboard your cruise ship, so plan to bring a few changes of dress-wear, along with holiday decorated wear - Santa hat, elves wear, reindeer antlers, etc. 

What Cabin To Choose For Christmas Caribbean Cruise

Depending on the size of your family, you will need adequate space in at least one cabin where everyone can meet for that special holiday huddle and to exchange gifts.

Consequently, you may consider getting a balcony cabin or suite.

Note that this will cost more. Another thing to note is that there are not too many cabins that hold a large number of people and so these must be booked quickly. 

Other Key Things To Note About Christmas Caribbean Cruise

1. Many of the Caribbean islands are "shutdown" for Christmas Day and for others, even Boxing Day (day after Christmas). Except for the beach and a few places, there is not much to do.

On the other hand, some Caribbean ports of call - such as St. Kitts - have huge celebrations during the Christmas season and you will have lots of fun dancing, singing, watching parades or just interacting with the natives.

Let me hasten to say that your Caribbean cruise line knows where not to stop. In many cases you will find that your ship remains at sea for Christmas Day or New Year's Day.

2. While an inclusive Caribbean cruise is always great fun - for my family at least - and a Christmas cruise is said to be no less, some people are known to "'miss home."

Note that you are used to Christmas being celebrated a certain way, with probably the same people every year. You may feel overwhelmed by not being able to recreate that same experience onboard the cruise ship.

3. Finally, please remember that your cruise ship's staff are far from home and family during the holidays, so be extra considerate of them.

Well, that is quite a mouthful about cruising during Christmas.

Go ahead, plan your cruise and when you get back, please tell us about your Christmas Caribbean cruise when you return.

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