Is Taking A
Celebrity Cruise Worth The Cost?

When we say "celebrity cruise" let us not confuse this with cruising with the popular cruise line. 

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Overview Of
Celebrity Cruise

You may have seen advertisements on the television, the radio, or online. Your celebrity is vacationing aboard a cruise ship and they want you to join them.

The advertisement you heard is for a celebrity cruise.

Celebrity cruises are gaining popularity in the United States and all around the world. The question that many want answered is,

"Are they worth the money?"

Cruises with celebrities are offered by a wide range of different cruise lines. The intention of a such a cruise is to attract travelers, and sometimes to raise money for a cause.

To do this, these specialty cruises are booked with well-known television stars, movie stars, and musicians.

For some reason, and they are right, cruises lines know that fans follow their idols. 

Factors To Consider
Before Booking A
Celebrity Cruise

If you are interested in determining whether or not a cruise with celebrities is worth the money, there is a number of factors that you should first consider.

First Factor

Purpose of the Cruise

One of the most important factors is the purpose of the cruise. A number of well-known musicians, television stars, and movie stars are compensated for their appearance.

While this may not have a direct impact on your reservation, it may be in your best interest to know.

In addition to being compensated for their appearance, a large number of movie stars, television stars, and musicians use a celebrity cruise to promote one of their upcoming shows, movies, or music albums.

It is not guaranteed, but you may be granted behind the scenes information and footage. To many fans, this information makes cruising with a celebrity worth it.

Promoting a charity or another good cause is another reason why a number of well-known celebrities make the decision to participate in a cruise ship voyage.

If you are interested in promoting a specific charity or cause, you may find it beneficial, in more ways than one, to be a part of the cruise.

In addition to being able to meet one of your favorite celebrities, you could be helping to bring awareness to one of the many world charities that need assistance. 

Second Factor

Celebrity's Scheduled Time
On Board the Ship

Another important factor to consider when deciding on cruising with celebrities is the amount of time the celebrity will be onboard.

Due to busy schedules, celebrities may be unable to stay onboard for the whole length of the cruise.

To determine whether or not this type of cruise is worth the money, you will want to know how long each celebrity will be on board.

If they will only be onboard one or two days, you may find that the cruise is not worth your time or money.

In addition to the length of a celebrity’s stay, you will want to know when certain promotional events are scheduled. These events should be established ahead of time.

In addition to the length of a celebrity’s stay, you will want to know when certain promotional events are scheduled. These events should be established ahead of time.

To determine when you may be able to dine with, meet, or get an autograph from your favorite movie star, musician, or television star, you should check the ship’s itinerary.

This will enable you to determine if you will even get a chance to meet the celebrity onboard.

Third Factor

Number of Guests Onboard

It is also important to estimate how many passengers will be on the special cruise you wish to take.

The number of onboard passengers may have an impact on how much time you get to spend with the cruise ship celebrity.

If there is a large number of passengers and the celebrity will only be on the ship for a short period of time you may be unable to meet with them.

This is something that should be closely examined when determining if a the cruise is worth any value to you or your family.

Final Factor & Word On
Cruising With Celebrities

The Cost

Finally, the cost of the cruise should be closely examined.

The cost of this specialty cruise is often higher than other traditional cruises - much higher. This is because you are often paying to meet the special person who is on board.

That is why it is important to take the above mentioned factors into consideration.

Celebrity cruises are nice, but a celebrity is not the only reason why you should plan a vacation on a cruise ship.

You can still enjoy an inclusive Caribbean cruise or any other, with or without a celebrity onboard. 

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