Carnival Cruise
Package Offer

Whenever you purchase a Carnival cruise package, you get a top-notch offer.

Carnival Cruise Line has long been popular for the fun experience it offers everyone on the high seas, at a price that you love.

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What's Included In A
Carnival Cruise Package?

Let us explore why so many families keep coming back for more Carnival cruises.  

Let's look at what you get, whenever you book a Carnival cruise ship vacation.

Your Carnival Cruise
Ship Accommodations

If you are going to be away from home for 3 days or more, you want to know that you have a fine place to sleep. You do on a Carnival cruise.

Carnival's Fun Ships are among the leaders in the amount of space they provide with cruise ship cabins.

Whether you book an inside (no window), oceanview (with a window), balcony (window and porch) or suite cabin, you will have enough space to comfortably house your family while at sea.

Carnival Cruise Ship
Dining Options

Unlike those land vacations where you are worried about finding breakfast, lunch and dinner for your family of four or more, your food is included in a Carnival cruise package.

Everyone gets food - lots of it - when you book an inclusive Carnival cruise.

Your Carnival cruise ticket entitles you to all three meals, plus many others in-between.

Each guest is assigned to a main dining room, where you can have the three main meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In addition, each guest may visit the buffet restaurant for all three meals.

You will also find other places where you can eat meals at various times during the day. These venues include a grill, a deli, an Asian outlet, a pizzeria and cafes.

By the way, 24-hour room service is also thrown in for free.

The bottom-line is that you will never be without something to eat. This is all included in your cruise package.

Note: Each meal is served with certain beverages. Other kinds of beverages must be purchased.

Carnival Cruise Line's
Youth Program

My Wife & Daughter On Carnival Glory

You can bring all your children onboard a Carnival cruise. 

Whenever you book an inclusive cruise with Carnival, you are guaranteed to have professionally trained crew members to look out for your children.

Carnival's youth program is divided into three sections to cater to different age groups. There is a separate group of people assigned to your elementary school children, "tweens" and teenagers.

The aim of the program is to keep your kids engaged and entertained, so that you and your spouse may go off and spend some quality time together.

There is no additional fee for this service, unless you need someone to watch your kids into the wee-hours of the night.

Carnival Cruise Ship
Activities and Entertainment

There is a long list of activities and forms of entertainment included your Carnival cruise package.

Organized Activities:

Your cruise ship has a Cruise Director and now an Entertainment Director responsible for keeping you engaged and excited.

Consequently, each night you will an outline of the following day's activities organized by your ship's crew. These activities include games for singles, couples and families, competitions for men and women, card games and more.

You do not have to participate, but doing so ensures a better cruise experience.

There is also organized entertainment. Each night, the main theater features a major show which may be a Las Vegas style performance, a comedian, singing and dancing or a magician.

In addition to the main feature, there are other shows organized near bars and in lounges around the ship.

All of these activities are free.

Unorganized Activities:

There are other things that you can choose to do on your own.

Adults may hang out at the adult-only Serenity area, check out the Art Gallery, lounge in the library, enjoy soothing music near a bar, splash in the pool or hot-tub, or simply enjoy the open deck and sunshine.

There are also a dance lounge and a fitness center thrown in for free.

Children may choose to check out the basketball court, play ping-pong, or explore the video game center.

They may also splash about in the pools or ride the giant water slides.

Things Not Included In
Carnival Cruise Package

I have listed a few things which are guaranteed, whenever you book a Carnival cruise. Your cruise package includes all that you need to make for a memorable vacation.

However, in the event that you want to add some things to spice up your cruise ship vacation, there are some things that you may pay for.

Some things that will cost extra include: specialty drinks (alcohol and soda), spa treatments, certain games like bingo, shopping onboard ship, trying your luck in the casino and booking ship organized shore excursions.

You may also choose to visit a specialty restaurant onboard, which incurs a cover charge per person.

Now that you know what is included in your Carnival cruise package, it is time to book your family's Carnival cruise getaway.

How To Book
Carnival Cruise
Ship Vacation

Booking a Carnival cruise package is quite easy.

If you have a Travel Agent, call that person. If you don't, use the search box below to find your cruise.

Or, you may visit our booking website, Petes Travel Center ( to book.

Finally, you may call the cruise line directly to book your family cruise getaway.

You now know enough about a Carnival cruise package to go book your vacation.

I believe that like my family, yours will have a memorable vacation at sea on one of Carnival's many Fun Ships.

Go have fun and tell us about it, when you return.

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