Carnival Cruise Caribbean Schedule

You will be excited to know that the Carnival cruise Caribbean schedule is packed with many and varied cruise itineraries to suit every family.

Whether you want to sail during the summer or winter, for 5-days or 7-days, or with a big ship or smaller one, Carnival family getaways are many and year-round.

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Carnival Cruise Caribbean Schedule

The Homeports

Carnival Cruise Line makes it quite easy for families all over the United States to find the perfect Caribbean cruise itinerary and get away.

This is accomplished by positioning its Fun Ships all along the US coast.

What are the homeports for Carnival's Caribbean sailings? See below:

If you live near the northeastern US coast, Carnival sails from New York and Baltimore.

If you live near the eastern US coast, Carnival sails from Virginia and Charleston.

If you live near the southeastern US coast, Carnival sails from Jacksonville, Port Canaveral (near Orlando), Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.

If you live near the southwestern US coast, Carnival sails from Tampa.

If you live near the southern US coast, Carnival sails from Mobile, New Orleans and Galveston.

Carnival Cruise Caribbean Schedule

The Ships

Carnival Cruise Line is a member of Carnival Corporation & PLC, the world's biggest cruise line.

Carnival itself has about 24 cruise liners and most of these vessels sail to the Caribbean and Bahamas.

Carnival ships are dubbed the "Fun Ships". They are designed to provide fun for all, but especially for the "young at heart" of all ages.

Carnival's biggest ships are the Carnival Vista (newest), Carnival Magic, Carnival Dream and Carnival Breeze and they all have Caribbean itineraries.

In addition, the following Carnival Fun Ships offer family getaways to the Caribbean:

Carnival Conquest

Carnival Ecstasy

Carnival Elation

Carnival Fantasy

Carnival Fascination

Carnival Freedom

Carnival Liberty

Carnival Paradise

Carnival Pride

Carnival Sensation

Carnival Splendor

Carnival Sunshine

Carnival Triumph

Carnival Victory

Carnival Cruise Caribbean Schedule

The Itineraries

Carnival Cruise Line has 100's of Bahamas and Caribbean sailings to choose from each year plus cruises of varying lengths: 3-day Bahamas/Caribbean cruises, 4-day Caribbean cruises, 5-day, 6-day Caribbean cruises, 7-day Caribbean cruises and others which are longer.

You can find a Carnival cruise ship visiting just about any Caribbean port of call: Eastern Caribbean portsWestern Caribbean ports, Southern Caribbean and the Bahamas.

Since the cruise line re-positions its ships ever so often, I will refrain from giving you specific ship names and their sailings. 

You may use the search box below to find specific itineraries.

Below are a list of Carnival ships' homeports and the current sailings offered.

Carnival Cruise Homeports & Itineraries

Cruise Ports


New York Cruise Port

Mostly 8-day cruises scheduled for the summer months to the Caribbean

Limited number of longer cruises - 9-days and 11-days

Baltimore Cruise Port

7-day cruises for most months for the year to the Bahamas and the Eastern Caribbean

Norfolk Cruise Port

Not much happening now.

Limited 5-day itineraries to the Bahamas.

Check with a travel agent for availability.

Charleston Cruise Port

4-, 5- and 6-day cruises to the Bahamas.

4-day and 5-day cruises are year-round.

7-day cruises to the Eastern Caribbean largely during the fall months.

Jacksonville Cruise Port

4-day and 5-day cruises to the Bahamas year-round.

Port Canaveral

3-, 4-, 5- and 6-day cruises to the Bahamas

6- to 8-day cruises to the Eastern, Southern and Western Caribbean.

Many cruises are year-round.

Ft. Lauderdale Cruise Port

Some 4-day cruises to the Bahamas

5- to 8-day cruises to the Eastern and Southern Caribbean

Miami Cruise Port

3- and 4-day cruises to the Bahamas

5-day to 9-day cruises to the Eastern, Southern and Western Caribbean.

Most cruises are year-round.

Tampa Cruise Port

4-day to 7-day cruises to the Caribbean.

Most of these are year-round.

Mobile Cruise Port

4- and 5-day cruises to the Western Caribbean, largely year-round.

New Orleans Port

4- to 8-day cruises to the Western Caribbean, largely year-round.

Galveston Cruise Port

4- to 8-day cruises to the Eastern and Western Caribbean, largely year-round.

Carnival Cruise Caribbean Schedule

The Fares

Carnival Cruise Lines prides itself on offering cruise prices that just about anyone can afford.

Generally, Carnival competes with only one other major Caribbean cruise line - Norwegian Cruise Line - to offer the lowest inclusive Caribbean cruise packages.

Additionally, the third, fourth and fifth persons in a cabin will get a discount – sometimes as much as half the fare of the first and second persons in the cabin. 

You will find the best cruise fares with Carnival.

Booking Your Carnival Cruise

If you have seen any Carnival Cruise Lines ads on TV, you would have noticed the prompt to check with your travel agent.

Yes, Carnival sells most of its Caribbean cruises through independent travel agents/agencies.

One such agency is (they offer the same cruise ticket prices as Carnival and sometimes bonuses).

Use their Search Box below to find and book your inclusive family cruise with confidence.

Let Me Help

You may also allow me to help with your family vacation. If you wish, use the form below send me a cruise quote request.

However, you can also buy your Caribbean cruise package directly from Carnival at or you may call them. 

Cruise Quote Request

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


I hope you have found the information above helpful.

The Carnival Cruise Caribbean Schedule is packed with so many cruise sailings which are perfect for the entire family.

Happy sailing!

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