Perfect Time To
Book A Cruise

Have you considered when is the best time to book a cruise to the Caribbean?

That is a great question.

Have you ever heard that you can save on your cruise ship vacation by carefully choosing the perfect time to book that inclusive family cruise?

That is true!

I am excited that you have decided to treat your family to that long, overdue getaway, so let me show you how to save when you book your Caribbean cruise vacation.

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Save When You
Book A Cruise Last Minute

Some people enjoy doing things far ahead of time and others are last minute doers - shopping, buying gifts, calling a loved one, etc.

Generally, if you book your Caribbean cruise four to six weeks before the sail date, you may get a lower price than someone who books four months or more before the sail date.

The fact is, if the cruise line is running out of time and there are several empty cabins remaining, the cruise ticket price will be dropped. 

Caution: Finding a great price on a last minute cruise is highly probable if you are sailing during off-peak seasons (fall and winter) and not near holidays.

There is the risk that if you wait too long, you will not find a cabin. 

I will use an actual example to show you how you can save on a last minute cruise booking. 

Actual Cruise Sailing Example:

Below, is the price information for a 4-Night Western Caribbean cruise from Miami. 

Carnival Cruise Lines-Carnival Ecstasy

Miami, Key West, Cozumel, Miami

Here is the cruise information. It is February 2015 and the posted price for the cruise listed below sailing in March 2015 starts at $239/person (before taxes and fees). 

March 2nd Departure

Going Rates
$239 US (Inside Cabin)
$259 US (Outside Cabin)
$409 US (Balcony)
$579 US (Suite)

As you notice, for a cruise less than four weeks away, the starting price is only $239 (per person - 2 in a cabin).

Now, look at the starting price for the same cruise sailing in June 2015: 

June 8 Depature

Going Rates
$389 US (Inside Cabin)
$429 US (Outside Cabin)
$659 US (Balcony)
$779 US (Suite)

The starting price for the same cruise starts at a whopping $150 more.

This is a clear demonstration that if you play your cards right, you will save money by booking your cruise vacation at the last minute.

By the way, we have a webpage dedicated to last minute sailings. Follow the link to find last minute cruise deals.

While you will generally see a saving in a last minute booking, it is also a fact that you can save if you book a cruise very early - months in advance.

Save Money When You
Book A Cruise Early

Booking an all-inclusive family cruise early will more often than not save you money.

This is especially true with Carnival Cruise Lines. This cruise line offers what is called an "Early Saver Rate." This rate is guaranteed to be the best rate.

If for some reason this rate is reduced after you have booked your cruise, Carnival will give you the difference in prices as onboard credit.

(You must ask for it to get it, so be sure to look out for changes in rates or have your Travel Professional do so.)

Another reason for booking early is that you get to make payments. It is easier to make installment payments than to pay all at once.

One disadvantage of booking at the Early Saver Rate is that the deposit is non-refundable. Ensure that you are ready to go, before putting money down.

Note: You can find great rates on early cruise bookings where the deposit is refundable.

How To Book
A Cruise To The Caribbean

Booking a cruise to the Caribbean is quite easy.

You have several options from which to choose:

1. Call your Travel Professional to book your cruise.

2. Use the Search Box below to find and book your cruise.

3. Visit our website, (Petes Travel Center) and book it there.

4. Call the respective cruise line to book.

Go ahead and search for your cruise below...

Final Word On
Booking Cruise To Caribbean

Timing is everything when you set out to book a cruise.

Remember that you can save a lot by booking at the last minute, although you take the chance of not finding a cabin on that highly-desirable, all-inclusive family cruise.

My recommendation is that for your family's peace of mind, book your all inclusive Caribbean cruise months in advance and take advantage of the early saver special.

You will save if you book a cruise early plus you will make it easy on your pocket by being able to pay in increments. 

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