Best Cruise Lines for Kids in the Caribbean

Best Cruise Lines for Kids Ships in Nassau

Planning a family Caribbean cruise can be thrilling yet challenging, especially when it involves kids. It helps to know the best cruise lines for kids in the Caribbean.

Please come along with us as we explore the best kid-friendly cruises to the Caribbean, featuring options that cater specifically to young travelers and their parents.

Discover why these cruise lines are excellent choices and learn tips about booking times and the best times to sail.

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Best Cruise Lines for Kids Disney Dream

Disney Dream at Castaway Cay

Best Cruise Lines for Kids in the Caribbean

Disney's Magic at Sea

Entertainment for All Ages: Disney cruises are renowned for their family-friendly entertainment. From character experiences featuring famous Disney icons to spectacular nightly shows, the magic is non-stop.

Youth Clubs: Tailored clubs for different age groups ensure that children from toddlers to teens have a blast. The Oceaneer Club and Teen lounges provide supervised activities and interactive games.

Family Dining: Meals are an adventure with themed dining that transforms each night, keeping the little ones enchanted.

Families move together to a different dining room each night, accompanied by their serving team, plus new exciting and new tastes.

Private Island Getaway: Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay, offers a perfect day at the beach with areas designed for families and kids.

Parent's Tip: Choose this cruise for a magical family experience where every member, from the youngest to the oldest, can find joy and entertainment.

Average Cost: Expect to pay more than $7,000 for a family of four to enjoy a 7-night Disney Cruise Line sailing.

Best Time to Book and Travel: Booking at least six months in advance is recommended, especially for holiday and summer vacations.  In fact, book a year in advance if you know what you really want to do next year.

The best time to travel is May, late August, or in the fall for lighter crowds, pleasant weather and better cruise fares.

Best Cruise Lines for Kids Castaway Cay

Disney's Castaway Cay

Best Cruise Lines for Kids
in the Caribbean

Royal Caribbean International
Adventure-Filled Seascape

Adventure Ocean Program: This phenomenal program offers educational and entertaining activities designed to match different age groups, making it one of the best kid-friendly cruises to the Caribbean.

Onboard Features: Enjoy family-friendly cabins, multiple pools, and adventurous attractions such as rock climbing walls, surfing simulators, giant slides, ice-skating, bumper cars and ziplines.

Shore Excursions: Designed with families in mind, these excursions cater to young adventurers eager to explore the Caribbean’s beauty.

Entertainment Variety: Delight in ice-skating shows, spectacular diving shows, outdoor movie nights, and parades featuring lively music and dance.

Parent's Tip: Opt for Royal Caribbean if your family loves high-energy activities and diverse entertainment options. 

Royal Caribbean has the biggest ships at sea and they are packed with many and varied things to do. 

Kids of all ages will find one or more thrills to enjoy on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Average Cost: Plan to spend over $5000 for a family of four on a 7-night cruise.

Best Time to Book and Travel: Book during wave season (January through March) for the best deals. Opt for shoulder season months like late April, early June, or September for budget-friendly fares.

Best Cruise Lines for Kids Slides on Symphony of the Seas

Towering Slides on Symphony of the Seas

Best Cruise Lines for Kids
in the Caribbean

Carnival Cruise Line
Fun for Everyone

Family Harbor Suites: Special accommodations that come with extra perks like free babysitting services and a private lounge stocked with snacks.

Carnival’s WaterWorks: A waterpark at sea featuring slides, a splash zone, and pools that kids will absolutely love.

Camp Ocean: A well-organized kids' club with marine-themed activities that educate and entertain.

Seuss at Sea: Exclusive partnership with Dr. Seuss brings books to life aboard the ship, making reading an exciting part of the trip.

Bolt - Roller Coaster at Sea: Carnival Cruise Line is the first to add a roller coaster to a cruise ship. Your kids will have a blast - literally!

Parent's Tip: Carnival Cruise Line is your go-to for an all-rounded, budget-friendly family vacation with plenty of activities for kids.

Average and Best Booking Cost: Plan to pay over $3500 for a family of four on a 7-night itinerary.

Best Time to Book and Travel: For the best rates, look during the off-peak season (January, late spring, or fall). It is adviseable to book your cruise several months in advance to get the best deals. 

As with Royal Caribbean, the wave season offers many opportunities to find the perfect Carnival cruise at the right price.

Carnival Glory Leaving Miami

Best Cruises for Kids
in the Caribbean

Norwegian Cruise Line
Family Tailored Adventure

Splash Academy: A robust children’s program with activities based on kids' ages offering a circus school, arts and crafts, and sports competitions.

Family Cabins and Suites: Specifically designed to accommodate families, providing comfort and convenience.

Guppies Program: For the youngest travelers (6 months to 3 years), this program includes sensory play activities for the little ones with their parents.

Freestyle Dining: Flexible dining options mean no set meal times. This is ideal for accommodating unpredictable kids’ schedules.

Parent's Tip: Norwegian Cruise Line offers freedom and flexibility, making it ideal for families who need a more relaxed schedule with plenty of options.

Average Cost: Expect to pay more than $3500 for a family of four on a 7-night cruise.

Best Time to Books and Travel: For lighter crowds and good deals, consider booking for late August or mid-spring. Book roughly six (6) months ahead or earlier.

As with Royal Caribbean, the wave season offers many opportunities to find the perfect Norwegian cruise at the right price.

Norwegian Breakaway

Ready to Book?

Do you have a travel agent? Contact that person. 

If you do not have a travel agent and need assistance to check cruise rates or book any upcoming cruise with Carnival, Disney, Norwegian or Royal Caribbean, we stand ready to help.

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Best Cruise Lines for Kids
in the Caribbean


Each of these best kid-friendly cruise lines to the Caribbean offers unique features and activities suited for children and their parents, promising a vacation filled with joyful memories and new experiences.

Whether you crave Disney's magic, adventure, a budget-friendly getaway, or flexible scheduling, these cruises cater to all needs, making them top choices for a family Caribbean adventure.

You will be excited to know that all the cruise lines mentioned, along with other big names in the Caribbean, continue to add huge and mind-boggling ships to their fleets.

As you set sail on any of these modern vessels, it will become even more apparent that these are the best cruise lines for kids in the Caribbean.

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