Bahamas Cruises From Miami

Indulge in enchanting Bahamas cruises from Miami, at any time of the year.

With the tropical allure of the Bahamian islands just within reach from the southeastern tip of Florida, it's no wonder these getaways are a crowd favorite.

Moreover, the Bahamian weather is consistently warm and welcoming, inviting adventurers and tranquil-seekers alike, each and every month.

The Bahamas is where you can relish in the sun-kissed serenity, no matter the calendar page!

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Cruise Lines Offering Bahamas Cruises from Miami

At the time of writing this webpage, there are several major cruise lines which offer cruises to the Bahamas.

You will know these names, after I list them, because they are among the top Caribbean cruise lines. 

In alphabetical order, the top cruise companies sailing to the Bahamas are Carnival Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruises, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International.

Itineraries Of Bahamas Cruises from Miami

How many days would you like to spend in the Bahamas?

A cruise to the Bahamas will generally get you to one or more islands. Currently, you are able to book a 2-night, 3-night or 4-night Bahamas cruise.

As it pertains to each cruise line:

1. Carnival offers 2-night, 3-night and 4-night cruises to the Bahamas.

2. Celebrity cruises offers 2-night and 4-night cruises to the Bahamas.

3. Disney offers 3-night and 4-night cruises, plus an occasional 5-night cruise.

4. MSC Cruises is relatively new the Bahamian cruise market and offers a limited number of 3-night and 4-night cruises to the islands.

5. Norwegian offers 3-night, 4-night and 5-night cruises.

6. Royal Caribbean offers 3-night and 4-night cruises to the Bahamas.

Ports of Call for Bahamas Cruises from Miami

Nassau, Bahamas is quite the tourist-pull for people all over the world. Consequently, any cruise to the Bahamian islands will almost always call at Nassau.

In addition to this popular port of call, there is Freeport, Bahamas on Grand Bahama Island.

The newest Bahamian port of call is Bimini.

Finally, depending on the length of the cruise, your cruise will make a call at a private Bahamian island - a cruise resort owned or leased by the respective cruise line.

Carnival cruises will most likely call at Half Moon Cay; Disney's at Castaway Cay; MSC's cruises at Ocean Cay; Norwegian's at Great Stirrup Cay; and Royal Caribbean and Perfect Day at CocoCay.

While you will find some variations in port calls, 3-night cruises generally make one or two stops and 4-night cruises can make as many as three stops.

Note that your Bahamas cruise itinerary may include a call at Key West, Florida.

Cheap Bahamas Cruises

My family in Nassau

Undeniably, shorter cruises are more cost-effective than their longer counterparts. Moreover, cruise journeys confined to the beautiful Bahamas are generally lighter on the pocket compared to adventurous endeavors to the Eastern or Western Caribbean.

When it comes to finding "cheap" family cruises to the Bahamas, your greatest prospect for an incredible yet affordable vacation lies with a Carnival Cruise Line. Carnival, more often than not, provides the most valuable sea voyages, guaranteeing that every penny spent is worthwhile.

Your family is bound to revel in the invigorating experiences aboard their renowned "Fun Ships."

Something else to consider for your family is the cruise package offered by Norwegian Cruise Line. This cruise company offers an open bar option aboard its cruise ship from Miami to the Bahamas. This may serve your family well, if everyone is into drinking something other than water, lemonade and sweet tea.

While Carnival generally offers the lowest cruise prices, the open bar Bahamas cruise option with Norwegian Cruise Line may prove a big win for families.

Now that you have the information, it is time to book your Bahamas cruise from Miami. Get with your travel consultant or send us a cruise quote and we will help you.

Furthermore, you may book your cruise with us at or use the cruise booking form below.

I know that you will enjoy your Bahamas cruises from Miami. Bon voyage!

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