Activities On
Cruise Ship

What are some activities on cruise ships? What things are there to do on a cruise vacation?

Some people are hesitant to book a family cruise, because they do not believe that there is enough to keep them engaged aboard a cruise ship.

That is so far from the truth.

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Carnival Liberty Lido Deck

First Point 

Activities On
Cruise Ship

The first thing to know about things to do aboard a cruise ship is this:

"You may choose to do as much as you like or do nothing at all."

If you look at the two photos above, you get an image of the open deck area on Carnival Liberty. You will notice pools, hot-tubs, a slide and a giant movie screen.

You will notice that some people are engaged, while others are simply sunbathing.

The truth is that there are amenities onboard, organized activities and enough time to choose whatever you want to do - or do nothing.

In addition to those, you will visit new places and have a chance to get off the ship, interact with the locals, try a shore excursion or do your own thing ashore.

Second Point

Organized Activities 
On Cruise Ship

Each ship has a cruise director and a staff working with him or her to plan daily activities.

Each evening, your cabin steward will leave you a print-out of the next day's activities. That print-out contains dining times and venues, activities around the ship, and other helpful information.

The print-out is a booklet, called the Princess Patter on Princess Cruises' ships and Fun Times on Carnival's ships, and is information-rich.

Check this out - even walk around with it - to get an idea of what is going on and where.

If your ship is spending a day at sea, I suggest that you identify one or two organized activities to get involved with. These could be a competition, a presentation or even a game of bingo.

On the days you will go ashore, you do not need to plan on doing anything onboard the ship until in the evening - unless you do not plan to get off the ship

Venetian Palace (main theater) Carnival Liberty

Third Point

Night-Time Activities
On Cruise Ship

Things to do aboard a cruise ship continue into the evening. 

There are usually several options, from which to choose:

1. Check out the Las Vegas or Broadway-style show in the main theater.

2. Visit one of the lounges to laugh with the visiting comedian.

3. Learn where other cruise passengers are doing karaoke.

4. Join others in the lobby relaxing to the soothing sound of music played a visiting musician.

5. If you gamble, check out the casino.

6. Watch a recently released movie on the big screen (for those ships with one).

If you do not wish to do anything with other people, just enjoy a fine dining moment in a main dining room or at a specialty restaurant.

One Of My Dinner Dishes On Carnival Liberty July 2015

Fourth Point

Things To Do
On Your Own

When it comes to activities on a cruise ship that you and your family can do, it is great to know that there are a number of things you can do on your own.

It is understandable that some people do not want to get involved in organized activities. For those people, here are some things to do on the ship:

1. Relax in a comfortable chair in the lobby, sip a drink and chat.

2. Teens, you can check out the video arcade, basketball court, volleyball court or ping pong table (where available).

3. Families, you can all play mini golf (where available).

4. Try new things aboard more modern ships - bumper cars, skating, sky-jump simulator, etc.

5. Check out the fitness center.

6. Play some card games in the library. After all, it is vacation which means spending time together.

7. If you wish to spend some money, then go shopping or visit the spa.

8. Adults, if you need to relax then check out the adult-only area on your ship.

9. Men, hang out in the sports bar to chat. (Go easy on the drinks.)

Note: Younger kids may be placed with professionals in the ship's youth program.

Part of Carnival Liberty's Adult-Only Area - "Serenity"

Last Word

Activities On Cruise Ship

While you are concerned about things to do aboard a cruise ship, remember that this is vacation.

Therefore you should plan to get some rest.

Book a balcony cabin, so that you can have some alone time away from the crowd and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.

This will relax your mind.

Also, take your day/s at sea to do one or two things and the rest of the time to rest. You do not want to return home from a vacation tired.

You need some time to rest.

Finally, activities on a cruise ship complement a big part of a cruise ship vacation - visiting new places.

My Family & Friends With Carnival Liberty In Barbados

Copacabana Beach In Barbados

Remember that a big part of your cruise vacation is to visit new places to explore, learn and have fun.

My family and friends were on a recent Carnival Liberty cruise from San Juan to five (5) ports of call: Barbados, St. Thomas, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and St. Maarten.

This means that we only spent one (1) day at sea. It was a great Caribbean cruise vacation.

While finding things to do on board the cruise is important, you will have plenty to do in your ports of call.

Plan well. Spend wisely, and have a blast.

See you soon, on the high seas!

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