Weather In Bahamas Great Year Round!

Cruise Ships Docked in Nassau Pier

The weather in Bahamas makes it a great cruise destination!

Why do you believe that so many cruise lines and so many cruise passengers head to the Bahama islands every year?  

The islands are spectacular, yes, but the weather in Nassau, Paradise Island, or Freeport makes them magnets for vacationers.

While U.S. residents in most places struggle with the onslaught of winter, Bahama residents and visitors are treated, yes treated to great temperatures year-round.

Just think of low temperatures in the 60's during winter in the Bahamas (we would kill for 60 degrees high temperatures in the U.S. during winter) and 90 degree temperatures during summer. 

Can you tell why so many tourists visit the Bahamas?

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Weather In Bahamas

My Family's Bahamas Visits

My family has made 4 cruise stops on 4 different cruises in the Bahamas. We visited in February, April and July.

For all our visits, the weather was great. I recall remarking how hot it was in February and wondered how people would endure the summer heat in places like Nassau.  

Then, we visited in the summer and what a scorcher it was.

My Wife & Kids at Paradise Island Beach

Overview of Weather In Bahamas

As noted above, the weather in Bahamas is warm all year-round. For the "winter" months (there is no winter in the Bahamas), expect to find highs in the 70's and lows in the 60's.

The best time to visit the Bahamas is September through May. Temperatures then will measure about 70-75 degrees. The summer months can really be very hot, reaching from the high 80's to the 90's.


Like me, many people love visiting the Bahamas at any time during the year. There is so much to do there. And, if all you want to do is visit the beach, sea surface temperatures remain in the 70's during February and reach into the 80's during the summer months.

The Atlantis - Taken from Nassau Harbour

People & Cruise Lines Capitalize On Bahamas Weather

Many people take advantage of the weather in Bahamas and hang out at famous resorts such as the Atlantis and Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa & Resort.

Others choose to cruise there - like we do.

Cruise lines capitalize on the great Nassau/Paradise Island or Freeport weather by building many itineraries that include year-round stops in the Bahamas.

If fact, the cruise lines even own private resorts on Bahama islands to ensure that cruise passengers get a good feel for the pleasantries of the Bahamian weather.

Weather In Bahamas

Cautionary Tips

Unfortunately, weather in the Bahamas can turn nasty. While the Bahamian islands enjoy an average of 7 hours of sunlight daily, there is high humidity and rainfall can occur anytime. 

The rainiest months are May through October. Some places like Nassau and Paradise Island can average two inches a month from November to April and six inches a month from May to October. You can generally expect to get anything from heavy showers to thundershowers.  

The good news is that rain showers come and go quickly!

Weather in the Bahamas is also influenced by the Atlantic Hurricane Season. While most hurricanes tend to stay clear of these islands of paradise, there are times when they are not as lucky.

Over all, cruise passengers can feel confident about booking family cruises that include Bahama ports of call - Nassau or Freeport.

It simply does not matter what time of year you visit. You will always be treated to warm weather in the Bahamas.

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