How To Save On Your Cruise Vacation

You will save on your cruise vacation, if you become an intelligent cruiser

David Kirkland worked as an officer with a major cruise line for 10 years and now wants to help you save on your next cruise.

As a cruise industry insider for so many years, he, in collaboration with other officers from various cruise lines, shares how cruise lines take more money from you than you should be spending.

David has written a powerful 100+ page e-book that is designed to leave you shaking your head in disgust at how much you have been spending on your cruises. 

Now, you have a helpful tool that will make you an intelligent cruiser, and ensure that you save hundreds on your next cruise vacation.

Even if you have already booked a cruise with Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, etc., for this summer or later this year, this book will show you how you can still save on your family cruise vacation.

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Tips From e-Book On How To Save On Your Cruise Vacation

1. Learn how to avoid a big mistake made by 99% of cruise passengers;

2. Learn how to get on a cruise line’s VIP list and be treated like royalty by every crew member onboard your ship;

3. Learn 6 little-known methods for scoring free cruises for the rest of your life;

4. Get the scoop on how to slash the cost for spa and salon treatments by up to 50% onboard your cruise ship;

5. Be warned about shore excursions, learn the dirty secrets and save in every cruise port of call;

6. Learn how to escape cruise lines’ money-sucking traps;

7. Learn how to become a member of a cruise line’s Loyalty Program and receive the benefits and discounts of a veteran cruiser – even if this is your first cruise;

8. Learn how to get a FREE cabin upgrade on a supposedly “full” ship;

9. Become aware of the most common crime onboard cruise ships and learn how to avoid it;

10. Learn the one magic place to book your cruise, guaranteeing you more free perks and benefits than booking done anywhere else.  In addition, your booking will be fully protected – 100% refundable, changeable and transferable without having to pay any fees whatsoever; and,

11. As an added bonus – in David Kirkland’s own words: “EXTRA BONUS! Don’t you just hate paying for airfare? I’ve got a mind-blowing method that will eliminate your airfare costs and allow you to fly for FREE to anywhere in the world! It’s legal, it’s guaranteed and it’s what I’ve been doing for 8 years (and I’ve saved over $15,000 in airfare as a result).”

Make A Decision To Save On Your Cruise Package

If you are serious about saving on your cruise vacation, you should consider investing a few dollars on this tremendous resource. 

Pay a little now and save a lot later.

Here’s one simple way that David shows you to save onboard your cruise ship. 

Do you buy bottled water onboard the ship?  Cruise lines charge as much as $4 for a bottle of water!  Outrageous! 

Do you know that there are several water fountains onboard, offering clean water?  How about bringing your own empty bottle and filling up at a water fountain? 

You will save a bundle on water!  Try that on your next cruise.

So, are you ready for the inside scoop on how to save on your cruise vacation – on any cruise line and any cruise itinerary? 

Get your copy of the Intelligent Cruiser. CLICK HERE.


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