Alaskan Fun Cruise
Ship Vacation
Sailing Carnival

You should add an Alaskan fun cruise ship vacation with Carnival to your bucket list. This experience is something you'll sing about for many years to come. 

I believe that you are aware that Carnival Cruise Lines gets you to some of the best places in the world on their Fun Ships. 

Do you also know that they can get you to Alaska in style?

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Alaskan Fun Cruise
Ship Vacation
Ports of Call

Alaska is a great pull for cruise travelers. Most people take an Alaskan cruise to behold the beauty of nature in glaciers, wild life, majestic mountains and fjords.

Your Fun Ship vacation will generally originate from Seattle, Washington and will wind its way to popular ports of call such as Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, and Victoria, British Columbia.

Your Fun Ship for the Journey – Carnival Miracle

The “Miracle” is a member of Carnival’s Spirit-class. It is neither one of their largest vessels nor the smallest. It is just the right size to maneuver the waters of Alaska.

Carnival Miracle is quite beautiful, and features a double-level promenade and 80% ocean view cabins.

Carnival Miracle

Availability of Carnival
Cruises to Alaska

For the sake of daylight and the weather, Alaska cruises are available during the summer months, with a few special sailings in late spring or early fall.

You will find available Alaskan cruise packages for as early as May through September. Most of your packages are available during June to August, the height of summer.

Best Time for Alaskan Cruise Packages

If you are searching for the best Alaskan cruise packages, you should aim for sailings in May and September. The highest temperatures in Alaska occur from June to August. That is when most people choose to take an Alaskan cruise – demand drives up the price.

While temperatures are not the best in May and September, they are bearable. If you do not mind some cold, you fill find the best Alaska cruise package deals during those months.

Alaskan Fun Cruise Ship Vacation Itineraries

As mentioned before, your Carnival cruises to Alaska generally sail from Seattle, with special sailings from Vancouver.

You will find 7-day sailings from Seattle visiting places such as Tracy Arm Fjord, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, Glacier Bay and Victoria, British Columbia. 

Alternately, there may be a special 8-day sailing from Seattle and an occasional cruise from Los Angeles.

Cruise Ship

Carnival Legend

Ports of Call

7-day from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska | Skagway, Alaska | Glacier Bay, Alaska | Ketchikan, Alaska | Victoria, British Columbia 

8-day from Seattle to Juneau, Alaska | Glacier Bay, Alaska | Skagway, Alaska | Ketchikan, Alaska | Vancouver, British Columbia (Special Sailing)

Occasional Sailings from Los Angeles

NoteThe ship and itineraries are subject to change, as Carnival re-positions its ships.

We can guarantee that your Alaskan fun cruise ship vacation will leave you with many wonderful memories for years to come.

What are you waiting for? Go book your Fun Ship vacation today.

How to book your Alaskan cruise? Call your Travel Agent or book it at

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