Is Cruising An Affordable Family Vacation?

If you are considering what is an affordable family vacation option, without a doubt I passionately believe that embarking on a Caribbean cruise is both an exceptional and budget-friendly choice for a family getaway.

For me, the cruise option is second to none - but hey, we all have different views, right?

I'm curious - what comes to mind when you consider a cost-effective family getaway? When I weigh affordability, I look at the overall price against the memorable experiences and enjoyment we receive in return.

Can you relate?

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Affordable Family Vacation Habits & Misconception

Many families drive to the same place every year and refuse to consider another form of vacation, because they believe that everything else is too expensive.

Yes, I know that is not the only reason some families take the same vacation every year.

Look at your kids. Do you sense that they want to do something a little different?

What are you afraid of? Do you believe that you cannot find another form of affordable family vacation?

It is true that for many who do not cruise, price is a factor. The misconception is that a cruise vacation is always expensive.

It is true that cruise prices have increased throughout the years, but you can still find an affordable cruise package for the family.

Two Reasons Cruises Make Affordable Family Vacations

My daughter on one of our family cruises

Reason #1
Price For Cruise Package

Cruising makes an affordable family vacation for two (2) main reasons:

Price for Cruise Vacation

My family numbers five (5) and so a Caribbean cruise package can quickly run us over $3,000. However, if we play our cards right, we can save some money on that same package. We can choose to sleep in one cabin - yes, all five of us.

That will always result in a cheaper cruise package, especially with Carnival Cruise Line.

Cruise lines usually charge the first two guests in the cabin the top rate and then a lower rate for everyone else in the cabin.

(This may not be true for Norwegian. I have seen where they bump up the cruise rates for each passenger after the second one, in the same cabin.)

We can also be smart when we book our cruise. If we book early, we will pay the best cruise price, as rates often continue to climb as you get closer to the sail date. There are exceptions to this rule.

There are, however, instances when many empty cabins remain weeks before sailing, and the cruise line will lower cabin prices to attract more passengers.

This is how you get last minute cruise deals. But these are not always available.

Another way to ensure that we pay a reasonable price for our cruise vacation is to shop around. Like everything else that you buy, always compare the prices cruise lines publish for similar cruise itineraries.

Quite often, you will find one cruise line charging more than another for a cruise heading to the same ports of call.

Yes, I understand that you may want to sail with a particular cruise line or with a specific ship. But, if you are interested in finding an affordable family vacation, your main concern should not be the cruise line.

I know that some of you saw the $3,000 I mentioned earlier as a possible cost for a cruise for five (5) and you are saying:

"I told you cruising is expensive!"

However, what you need to understand is what your cruise ticket price covers. What's included in your cruise package?

This brings us to the next test of family vacation affordability.

My Wife & Daughter on Carnival Liberty

Reason #2
Cruise Package Value

Cruise Package Value

What is packed into a cruise vacation deal that makes it so affordable and appealing?

Lots of things!

What do you do when you book a hotel near the beach for your summer vacation? You pay for the hotel; buy three meals per day (plus snacks); worry about fun and entertainment (you cannot stay on the beach all day for five (5) or seven (7) days); and you get bored after seeing the same place for four (4) or five (5) straight days.

Not so with a family cruise vacation to the Caribbean!

You pay one price and get everything else. Think about not having to worry about food, entertainment, or monotony. Wow!

Yes, a cruise ship getaway makes an affordable family vacation because of the value included in your cruise package.

You have your cabin - you have all your meals (plus others in between) - you have all sorts of activities to choose from on board the ship - you have live entertainment every night - you have trained professionals to look after your children, so that you and your spouse can do whatever the heck you want - you visit multiple places on one cruise sailing, enjoying different beaches, foods, shore excursions and cultures.

All of this in one cruise package booking! Can you top that?

A family vacation to the beach cannot top a cruise vacation!  Again, this is my opinion.

Are you beginning to see that a Caribbean cruise makes an affordable family vacation? I hope so because it does for my family.

We love to cruise and save. Consequently, we will always choose an inclusive family cruise over any other type of vacation.

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