Top Items For Cruise Vacation

It is super exciting to talk about top items for cruise vacation today.

As I write this page, it is June 2021 and cruises are finally resuming after the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown. Yes, Celebrity Cruises has successfully completed its first Caribbean cruise.  Yippee!

As you plan your next cruise, there are some items that you must consider taking with you.

First off, are you ready to cruise?  Have you been watching the news, reading online content and checking out YouTube videos to learn when you can cruise again? 

That day is finally here!

Now that we can, let us look at some items that we'll need for our cruise getaway.

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Top Items For Cruise Vacation - Your Luggage

It's been more than a year since we were able to hit the high seas. If your luggage set was not in the best of conditions prior to the shutdown, you will need to get a new set. 

What are some things to watch for in a luggage set?  You need durability, lightness and great functionality (many compartments). I am happy to present you with an option that fits that bill.  

Check out this luggage set.  Read the reviews.  See what satisfied buyers are saying.

Top Items For Cruise Vacation
Comfortable Footwear

Cruise ships are gigantic.  If you have ever cruised, you know how much walking is involved.

You walk to restaurants.  You walk to shows.  You walk to other events.  You walk to shop.  And, you elect to walk or jog along the course on an upper deck.  There is a lot of walking.

Consequently, you will need comfortable footwear onboard your cruise ship.  By the way, you will also walk a bit when the ship docks in each port of call.

Be sure to pick up footwear that will be easy on your feet.  I have three recommendations below: one each for women, men and children.

Top Items For Cruise Vacation
Your Camera

Ah, those vacation photos!  I know how eager you are to post them to social media.  Today, most people have a great camera on their cellphones, which makes for easy picture or video-shooting.  If that's you, go for it.  Use that camera and do not spend any more money.  

However, you may want to take some great selfies and some at a distance.  This means that you will need a selfie stick.  Get one that's reliable and comes with little headaches. 

See what hundreds of people are saying about the following selfie stick.

Do you sometimes feel self-conscious whenever you're using your cellphone to take a picture and it's pointed in the direction of other people? 

Yes, I know that feeling. 

For those of us like that, it may be best to get a "traditional" camera, but one that's digital of course.  There are many great options and some cameras that work well under water to get those pictures of you and the kids snorkeling.  

People are less wary when a traditional camera is pointed their way.  The cellphone gives them the sense of easy posting to social media, while the "old" camera does not so much.

The following traditional camera gets great reviews from past buyers. See what they have to say...

Top Items For Cruise Vacation
Readers' Corner

Come on!  Do not pack all those books!  Remember that you want to travel as lightly as possible, especially if you're flying to get to your ship. 

What better way to ensure that you have all the reading materials you'll need on vacation than to travel lightly with an electronic reader?

There are several reading options for travel.  One of the more popular electronic reading devices has been the Kindle.  The interesting thing is that there are variations when it comes to getting an Amazon Kindle. 

Why not explore them to see which one works best for you - right fit - right price?

Top Items For Cruise Vacation
Staying Connected Onboard Ship

Have you ever been on a cruise vacation with your children and wondered where they were? 

When you head out to sea, cellular rates rise exponentially and therefore you cannot use your cellphone.  Thankfully, that dilemma has improved with better cruise ship internet service. 

However, you will need to sign up all family members to stay connected and that will add to your cruise bill.  Yikes!

If you are on a family cruise vacation with children, you need an easy and inexpensive way to stay connected onboard ship.  Here's a great idea... 

How about some walkie-talkie sets?  Old school, yes, but works wonders. You can find a few pairs for less that you'll pay for internet service on the cruise ship.

Explore communication options for vacation and see if you find something that appeals to you.

Top Items For Cruise Vacation
What To Pack?

Your ship is leaving! Do not leave home without being prepared!

I have shared ideas on some top things you'll need to make your cruise vacation much more fun, less stressful and even less expensive. My suggestions in no way exhaust the list of cool things you can pack before you leave home.  There are many other ideas. 

Nevertheless, I hope that by sharing my ideas of some top items for cruise vacation, it will get you thinking of what other things you may need to pack to make for a better vacation. 

If you think of others, please come pack to this page and share them below.  Thank you.

Happy cruising!

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